New Way to RSVP to Chapter Events

The Mid Tennessee Chapter recently changed the manner in which RSVPs are received as well as the collection of advance payment for chapter meetings. In the past there was confusion as the information on the website was dated. Beginning with the August meeting the Eventbrite platform will be utilized to handle both aspects. This will necessitate an additional cost of $1.86 or something close to that for administrative costs. Lunch costs will remain at $15. You may also elect to pay at the door rather than paying on Eventbrite but RSVPs are still encouraged. Members and guests may be registered at the site.


The Board is also actively pursuing sponsors for meeting luncheons with the added benefit to the sponsor of speaking a about their business while attendees are eating. Venues suitable for 30 people are requested so members can experience various business locations in Middle Tennessee.


Please provide feedback re the Eventbrite platform and hopefully it will be less confusing, allow the chapter to track attendees and make it easy to pay with an easily accessible receipt. The link is on the Chapter 052 website, Any questions may be directed to


See you on August 23rd at 11:30 at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel when we listen to a presentation by a representative from the National Counterterrorism Center.


Doug Riggin

Chapter Chair