Happy Holidays, Chapter 052 Members!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukah to all members of the Mid Tennessee Chapter of ASIS!  I can’t believe another year is coming to a close and I haven’t finished some of the work related and personal projects I swore I would handle in January.  As a chapter, however, we concluded all our goals and objectives and even surpassed our expectations in some areas. 


I’ve provided an update to you at least every quarter and we brought the meeting year to a close with significant events.  On October 25th in an event sponsored by Allied Universal we awarded the Herman Statum Award of Excellence to David S. Hawtin for his many contributions to our chapter and the Security, Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities.  The award was posthumously presented to Dave, accepted by his father, by Herman Statum, for whom the award was named.  Dave’s  family was moved by the honor as was everyone in the room.  A United States and a State of Tennessee flag were presented in Dave’s honor and those flags will remain with the chapter for display at meetings.


Also presented during the meeting were three $1500 scholarships to Middle Tennessee students.  Sierra Coffee, Heather Blanton and Femeika Elliott are engaged in Law Enforcement and Security studies and all three expressed a desire

to assist less fortunate members of our community.


On November 29th a chapter meeting was held at the new 31 story Bridgestone Americas headquarters in downtown Nashville.  The featured speaker was Jeff Fladen, Executive Director of the Tennessee Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  His message was important to Security practitioners due to the exposure of mental illness in the workplace.  He provided common-sense remedies and resources available to employers as well as family members.  A tour of the facility was provided by Bridgestone and most of the attendees took advantage of the opportunity.


The 2018 elections were conducted in November and the new/used chapter officers are:


Doug Riggin – Chair

Anthony Crawford – Vice Chair

Secretary – Greg Thompson (assisted by Jason Huskey)

Treasurer – David Mass


There are two additional voting members on the Board:  Glenn McLea and David Blake.  Please visit our webpage, https://www.asisnashville.org/, for a complete listing of the program coordinators and consider volunteering for the unfilled roles.  We as a chapter need fresh ideas and new perspectives.


We are still designing chapter meetings for 2018 and hope to continue the goal of providing our membership with exceptional speakers and relevant topics.  Those of you who did not attend meetings in 2017 missed some excellent educational opportunities, not to mention the ability to meet fellow interesting professionals who have a wealth of experience and knowledge.  The greatest gift I receive by being a member of our chapter is the ability to work with fellow members to achieve our common objectives:  professionalizing the Security industry, assisting our community with charitable giving and working jointly with our Law Enforcement partners to ensure the safety of the Middle Tennessee area.


Remember when I said we surpassed some of our goals?  As a result of the work of a lot of volunteers and the participation of many others, our chapter presented $10,000 in 2017 to the Andrew Jackson Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp.  In addition, as previously noted, we provided three $1500 David S. Hawtin scholarships to deserving students.  The funds were raised at the annual ASIS Golf Tournament at Gaylord Springs.  Ok, this is where you come in.  We are hosting the same event in 2018 on May 18th,  and we need your sponsorship and participation.  We want to raise our goal to $20,000.  This will require everyone’s assistance.  Please join us in this effort or, at the very least, point us in the direction of a company who may want to devote their financial resources to this very worthwhile cause.  Questions?  Contact David Blake at David.Blake@aus.com.


Finally, the chapter Board and I wish you a happy and healthy New Year and hope you will make our meetings part of your calendar in 2018.  If any of us can be of assistance to you please do not hesitate to contact one of us.  The beauty of this cooperative is you have instant professional guidance and expertise at your fingertips. Take care and stay safe.




Doug Riggin

Chapter Chair



Upcoming meetings:

January 24th – Workplace Violence Seminar from 8 am – noon featuring Michael Mann as the subject matter expert.  There will be a minimal cost to cover breakfast and lunch.  Sponsors for food are welcome.  More information to include the location and agenda will follow.


February 21st – Retirement seminar for law enforcement officers and related professionals leaving public service – Regional Organized Crime Information Center – Agenda and cost will be forthcoming – Sponsors welcome.



March 21st – To be determined 

June 30, 2017 Newsletter

Chapter 052 members:


The last quarter was an emotional roller coaster ride for chapter members as we saw significant accomplishments and a tough personal loss.  Katarina Kemper from HCA hosted a meeting at her campus which highlighted the comments from her boss and head of Security, Tim Portale. Attendees were treated to the lessons learned by the Security Department at HCA, as well as operating concerns and how those are handled on a daily basis. Thanks to HCA for providing the meeting space and sponsoring the April meeting!


All the work and coordination by the 2017 ASIS Chapter 052 Golf Tournament Committee came to fruition on May 19th when close to 83 golfers took the course at Gaylord Springs at 8:00 am. The day began with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance and then the players took off to enjoy the event which was rainless. The tournament included a long-ball hitter and a possible hole-in-one by the lucky winner.  As a side note, the Pastor Phil Wilson won the ability to drive the ball for a hole-in-one but came up short. His prayer for good weather did work, however.  A great lunch concluded the day and during the closing event Metropolitan Nashville Chief of Police Steve Anderson was provided a check for the Andrew Jackson Youth Camp in the amount of $10,000. That check was at least $8000 more than last year and the goal is to increase that amount in 2018. None of the financial success of this endeavor would have been possible without the sponsorship by the donors.  You know who you are and Chapter 052 thanks you on behalf of the Youth Camp and the David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarship Fund. Mark your calendars for May 18th, 2018 when we will, once again, meet at Gaylord Springs to raise money for the boys and girls in Nashville who could use a little help in becoming future responsible citizens in our community.


A thank you is also in order to the Golf Tournament Committee consisting of Glenn McLea, David Blake, Kenneth Cupp, Anthony Crawford, David Mass and Jason Huskey.  I’ve never enjoyed working with a group of people so much and they were totally dedicated to the charitable causes.  We had ten volunteers who poured their heart into the event so it would run smoothly.  Everyone brought their expertise to the table resulting in a very successful event. Congratulations and great job!


On June 3rd we lost a great friend and brother in the Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Security communities. David S. Hawtin, past Secretary and Assistant Regional Vice President, died after bravely battling cancer.  Everyone who discussed his pending death with him was awed and amazed at the manner in which he addressed his treatments, his family needs and the activities which would follow his passing.  He met his death with more grace and understanding than anyone I’ve known and he is an example for us all. His only concern until the end was for others. The service in his honor was exactly what he wished including the many flags presented by the honor guard and the Brentwood Police Department. Our chapter will retain the US and Tennessee flags flown over the Tennessee state capitol in his honor and present them at chapter meetings. Keep Dave’s wife, Kim, in your prayers and God bless Dave as he transitions to his new home.


Our June meeting was held at the Nashville headquarters of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and was hosted by chapter member Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jack Webb who provided a history of the agency and their law enforcement responsibilities. Lunch was sponsored by Cochrane USA which is an international company that manufactures, sells and installs an exceptional fencing system. Thank you to ATF and Cochrane for really stepping up to provide an excellent program! It is always nice to see a company sponsor lunches and events to benefit the Security industry. Not only does it provides exposure to the company’s products but allows the attendees to gain more knowledge to assist in their decision making when a similar product is required.


Announcements include the following: 


The complimentary ASIS National Conference ticket is available to a member who can show the professional justification for attendance, volunteer activities and the impact on his/her current position. If multiple requests are received, the Board will vote and notify the member. No travel or lodging expenses are included.  Submit requests to secretary@asisnashville.org. The deadline is August 1st.


Two $1500 David S. Hawtin Memorial scholarships for fall 2017 and spring 2018 will be awarded to deserving Middle Tennessee higher education students, or students in areas where Chapter 052 members reside, majoring in Security or Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement.  See requirements at the Chapter 052 website, https://www.asisnashville.org/.  The deadline is August 1st.


The annual Award of Excellence for Security will be awarded in October at the Chapter 052 monthly meeting.  Please submit nominations for a Security professional who performed in an exemplary manner during the past year.  More details will be posted on the aforementioned website. The deadline is September 1st.


Private Officer International will conduct a Security Officer Memorial Service in September at the Mt. Juliet Police Department. The date will be announced later in a separate communication but our chapter will support their endeavor with funding and attendance.  Many line security officers are hurt and killed in the line of duty which largely goes unrecognized. We in the business need to support the private officers who protect assets valued in the billions of dollars, vast amounts of property and thousands of citizens, employees, patients, occupants, etc. More information to follow.


Consider running for a volunteer positon on the ASIS Middle Tennessee Board.  Deadline for inclusion on the ballot is October 1st so there is plenty of time to consult a financial advisor regarding moving your vast wealth to a blind trust.  We wouldn’t want any conflict of interest when voting on major issues such as how many ham sandwiches we need at the next meetingJ.


Any questions may be directed to any of the Board members or me. Thanks to all those making this chapter a success!


Stay safe.


Doug Riggin

Chapter Chair


April 1, 2017 Newsletter

Dear fellow Chapter 052 members,


Our chapter is rocking along with new members joining and attending the meetings. Companies are stepping up to sponsor meetings and provide meeting venues. We are constantly seeking additional support and participation so if your company or you wish to host a chapter meeting please let me know.  It’s always interesting to see new places and learn how other companies operate.


As usual, I’ll summarize this quarter’s events. The January meeting was hosted by Bridgestone Americas, a tire manufacturer, at their US corporate headquarters and the speaker was Patrick Prince who is from Los Angeles and is a subject matter expert in the prevention of workplace violence. He has been involved in the investigation of numerous incidents of violence occurring at work and was able to provide to the attendees some indicators of potential criminal acts by employees. He has his own firm and we are fortunate Pat will be moving to the Middle Tennessee area in the near future.


Kirkland’s, a home décor retailer, headquartered in Brentwood, was the host for the February meeting and provided a very nice meal while members listened to Rob Michaels, owner of Serve & Protect, who explained the intricacies of post-traumatic stress and the necessity to be proactive to prevent suicides or additional harm to families, friends and employees. His background in the military, law enforcement, teaching, training, the music industry and as an ordained pastor allows him to have insight into the trials and tribulations of persons who need assistance and help them through the process. He works closely with police officers to preserve their careers while resolving personal issues. He is available to assist security professionals as well.


The Titans training camp was the location for the March meeting and it has always been a favorite event for Chapter 052 members.  Security Director Jim Arts, former Green Bay, Wisconsin police chief, explained the various weight stations and the constant education of players required to understand and immediately react to called plays in practice and in a game. Security is consulted prior to the hiring of a player, during tryouts, and after employment, both at work and home. Jim explained the unbelievable requirements to certify Nissan Stadium to meet government standards and reduce potential indemnification costs in the event of a manmade disaster. This year’s tour was outstanding even though the facility was under construction and Chapter 052 thanks Jim for taking the time to provide a great overview of the Titans organization.


A special side note to the Titans meeting was the introduction of a young man, Cortney Akridge, who accompanied Kenneth Cupp and his fiancé to the meeting as part of Kenneth’s effort to promote young professionals in the industry. Cortney attended the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) three years and will compete for one of the Chapter 052 Security/Law Enforcement scholarships.


Representatives from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department FOP Youth Camp made a short presentation before the Titans tour and provided some examples of successful young men and women who obtained productive jobs, bought homes and raised families which only strengthened our community. It’s just an inspiring story of volunteers who see the worst cases in Nashville and strive to improve the circumstances of individuals who probably would not have had a chance were it not for the intervention of caring police officers.


Coming up next quarter on April 19th is a meeting hosted by HCA. This is our first visit to that company and we are really looking forward to it. On May 19th is the 17th Annual Middle Tennessee / ASIS Chapter 052 Golf Tournament at Gaylord Springs. {Queue the used car sales voice} DON’T MISS IT!!! This is your chance to have a good time and help the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp. We need players and corporate sponsors to make it a HUGE success. June 19th will find us at the division headquarters of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Thanks to one of our new members, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jack Webb (yes, that’s his real name for all you somewhat aged Dragnet fans), for agreeing to host. For additional information on all past and future events go to the chapter website located at https://www.asisnashville.org/.  


Thanks to the committee liaison chairs for volunteering and we always have other positions for chapter volunteers who want to make a difference. We have an excellent team ensuring a strong future for Chapter 052 and the members who will follow us in years to come. We are making a difference in the Middle Tennessee community while professionalizing the security industry. If you don’t have time to volunteer (who does?), at least try to come to a meeting as we are always striving to improve and your idea may be just the one we need.


The Board and I look forward to seeing you and wish you the best in your personal and professional endeavors during 2017. Stay safe.



Doug Riggin

Chapter Chair



March 2017 Meeting at Titans Facility

Chapter 052 had an exceptional meeting at the Titans Training Camp on March 22nd and about 30 members enjoyed the tour narrated by Jim Arts, Security Director at the Titans. Jim, former Green Bay, Wisconsin police chief, explained the security requirements of the Titans and his role in directing his staff as well as guidance to the professional players. Like any organization, the Titans take pride in their reputation and consistently strive to improve their brand and their performance. There are several construction enhancements taking place within the practice facility which will, when completed, allow players a better workout and rehabilitation experience. The Titans anticipate an even better season this year and believe they have the ingredients to be a serious contender. 

In addition to football, other matters such as the 2017 ASIS Chapter 052 Golf Tournament were discussed and attendees were encouraged to obtain sponsorships and/or field teams. Representatives from the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Youth Camp were in attendance and provided an overview for the camp’s mission. Kenneth Cupp, co-chairperson for the Young Professionals committee, brought a young man who not only attended the camp as a kid but will be in contention for an ASIS scholarship to assist him in his college studies. He is one of the examples of the good work performed by the volunteer police officers from the FOP and that is a reason our chapter supports this charity.

Thanks to Jim Arts and the Titans organization for hosting our chapter and we look forward to the continuing relationship. Future chapter meetings include HCA on April 19 and  the golf tournament on May 19, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on June 28 and the FOP Youth Camp on July 19..

Appreciation for Our Donation

When Officer Eric Mumaw died in the line of duty on Feb. 2, 2017, we as a chapter donated in his name $500 to the Metro Police FOP Youth Camp in his honor. The below letter was received to thank the chapter for the donation in his memory.


Dear ASIS International Chapter 52 Board and Membership;


Please accept our sincere appreciation for your thoughtfulness and kindness in making a donation to our organization in the memory of Eric Mumaw. Your donation in the amount of $500 is greatly appreciated and will be used to support our Andrew Jackson Police Youth Camp project. Your contribution has been acknowledged to his family.


Again, thank you for honoring the memory of Eric Mumaw with your contribution.



James Smallwood


Andrew Jackson Lodge 5

Fraternal Order of Police

Andrew Jackson Police Youth Camp, Inc.



Middle Tennessee #052 Member Recognition








Year-End Message from the Chairman

Chairman’s Block

December 16, 2016


Well …. It’s the end of another year of fellowship with our fellow chapter members and attempting to garner more support for our chosen profession. We had a successful year and are already planning activities/presentations for 2017. Although our goals include education of our membership and providing a resource for our members to obtain professional information, one of the most satisfying accomplishments of 2016 was the presentation of over $1000 to the Metropolitan Nashville Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp and the subsequent visit to their facility. We intend to continue providing a donation to that worthwhile charity in 2017 with the hope we can generate additional funding to assist them in their endeavors. We provided two $1000 scholarships to Security/Law Enforcement Program students in 2016 and will continue the same in 2017. The Chapter 052 Board takes our civic commitments seriously and we want to give back to Middle Tennessee which offers us a chance to practice our profession and live in one of the nicest places in this country.


During the last quarter we only had two meetings due to Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Dr. Robyn Mace was awarded the Herman Statum Annual Award of Excellence for 2016 at the October meeting which was presented to her by Herman Statum who received a Lifetime Achievement Award last year for his contributions to ASIS. In December we had a presentation and display by Research Electronics International which is an international company involved in the building, sales and training of electronic equipment used to counter attempts at corporate economic espionage.


Scheduled for our meeting on January 18th, 2017, 11:30 to 1:00, at Bridgestone Americas Headquarters is a presentation by Patrick Prince. Mr. Prince is a corporate training and management consultant specializing in workplace violence prevention, conflict resolution, recognition and management of workplace substance abuse, trauma response and other related occupational health and safety issues.  He has responded to many multiple homicide scenes and has a tremendous understanding of the signs indicating an individual may harm fellow employees at the workplace. Mr. Prince is Association First Vice-President on the board of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and has been active in the implementation and advancement of threat assessments for many years.


We are scheduled for a meeting February 22 so reserve that date on your calendar. There will be more information to follow, but it is anticipated our speaker will be an expert on work-related stress and trauma.


In March we are planning to have a tour which hasn’t been finalized as of this writing. We are open to suggestions for April so if you would like to present or offer a meeting location please let me know.


On May 19 we are sponsoring the 17th annual ASIS Chapter 052 golf tournament which will be bigger and better than ever. Our objective is to raise more money for our designated charities while having a great day of fellowship. It is vitally important we obtain corporate sponsorships and over 100 players. Glenn McLea (mccleaglenn@bfusa.com) and Kenneth Cupp (kenneth.cupp@securitasinc.com) are the tournament co-chairs and you can contact them or me (douglas.s.riggin@altria.com) concerning your physical, financial or volunteer support. We will be changing venue to Gaylord Springs, changing the start time to the morning and having more prizes. Get on-board early! All assistance is appreciated.


The Board and I wish all of you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season and really hope you will devote more time to your local ASIS events in 2017. We have a lot of members with unbelievable experiences and backgrounds from which we could all benefit so consider giving just a little time in the upcoming year.

Take care, stay safe and look forward to seeing you.


Doug Riggin

Chapter 052 Chair  

Letter from our Chapter Chair, Doug Riggin


October 4, 2015


Dear fellow Chapter 052 members,


OK ……. How many of you haven’t attended a chapter meeting this year? Or the year before? Why not? Your chapter officers and fellow members would love to have you come as every one of you has something to add. Of course I’m not objective, but I believe this has been an outstanding year if for no other reason than I’ve met members and guests I never knew. Every individual had an interesting background and version of how they decided to enter and remain in the Security profession. I doubt there is any Security related question at least one of our members can’t answer.


Next question: Have you perused our website? It has all the information concerning our past and future events and gives you an idea what benefits you receive locally, as well as nationally, for your membership fee. Did I mention our website was awarded an Honorable Mention trophy at the ASIS National Conference in Orlando, Florida in September this year? The board cannot thank Jane Word, Chapter 052 webmaster, enough for her attention to the Middle Tennessee website which we try to keep updated and relevant. How many times do you pull-up a website operated by volunteers that has no information posted in the last three years? I predict we will win the grand prize for our website in future years. Did I also mention we received $150 for our award? Lunch is on us as you will read below.


As I mentioned in the last newsletter we decided to host events during the summer to determine if members would attend. They did and we will continue with summer programs in the future. In July we were invited to the Metropolitan Police Department’s Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp to see first- hand how our Chapter 052 donations are used to assist underprivileged Nashville children. It was heart-warming to watch the police volunteers gain the respect of the young attendees and encourage discipline to include respect for the rule of law, even if that meant just adhering to the “make your bed” policy.We will continue supporting this very worthwhile charity and if it helps just one kid rise above their unfortunate circumstances to become a productive, law-abiding adult then it is worth our time and funding.


August was the Chapter 052 Meet and Greet at the Harp and Fiddle where close to 30 members were able to discuss Security issues and become better acquainted. We were probably the first organization to view the new Allied Universal logo as the merger was brand-new, but even more better was Allied Universal paid for the entire event. Translation: Free food and beverages! Thanks David Blake.Who said ASIS wasn’t fun? I may not have mentioned the local constabulary in the form of precinct liaison officers from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department were also in attendance so we were on our best behavior … until they left.


September was the ASIS National Conference in Orlando and a number of our members traveled to the conference to learn, liaise, present and display. Assistant Regional Vice President David Hawtin provided information on the Sovereign Citizen movement which was well received. Scott Dunlop was the chapter recipient of the free conference admission and all members are encouraged to apply next year. As previously mentioned, a contingent of our members received the award for our website during a dinner highlighting the award winners.


Also in September, in support of Private Officers International, we co-sponsored the Private Officers Memorial Service at the Mt. Juliet Police Department. In attendance were members of the Tennessee House and Senate, the Mt. Juliet chief of police and other dignitaries. It was a moving tribute in memory of security officers killed in the line of duty with specific mention of the five security officers who died while working in Tennessee. Too often the line security officers are forgotten when discussing the protection of property, products and people.


Coming up on October 26th is the BIG, AMAZING event of the year when we present the Herman Statum Service Excellence Award to Dr. Robyn Mace at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel at 11:30 am. Robyn just returned to Nashville after pursuing educational, analytical and teaching opportunities in other locations. She previously was very involved in Chapter 052 functions and we look forward to working with her in the future. Remember the free lunch? The Middle Tennessee Chapter will provide the luncheon to all members and guests and in addition to that Dr. Mace will make a presentation regarding her view of advancements in the Security industry. Don’t miss this event!


Due to Thanksgiving and Christmas we are going to combine those two meetings (December 7th) because everyone is so busy both personally and professionally during this time of year. We rarely receive an update on electronic equipment and the capabilities of modern technology so we invited representatives from Research Electronics International, Cookeville, Tennessee, to provide our members an overview of the subject matter.


We are in the planning phase for January 2017 and excited about the opportunities for interesting presentations next year. Stay tuned for future events.


Last question: Have you been hankering for a leadership position on the Chapter 052 board, maybe a liaison position, or maybe just want to sponsor an event or invite us to tour your facility?Or ….. you get the idea. In November we will seek nominations for chapter officers and everything is open. Elections will be held in November so give it some thought. We really want your help in making this chapter even better. If all you have time for is submission of an idea or suggestion, we will take it. Thanks to all who attended the aforementioned meetings and all of us on the board look forward to seeing you at future events.


Take care and stay safe.


 Doug Riggin


2016 Chapter 052 Chair


A thank you letter to Chapter 052 from Concerns of Police Survivors Louisiana Chapter for our donation.

ASIS International HQ updates


Peggy OConnor

Communications Manager at ASIS International





Hello everyone,

The ASIS Young Professionals Council is now accepting applications for 2016 Seminar Experience Awards. These awards cover the costs for three emerging leaders to attend ASIS 2016 in Orlando, Sept. 12-15, including an All-Access registration pass, 4 nights’ hotel, and $500 travel stipend. Applications are due June 17. Learn more: https://www.asisonline.org/Membership/Member-Center/Councils/Young-Professionals/Pages/Young-Professionals-Seminar-Experience.aspx

The Security Services Council is accepting applications for the Ralph Day Security Officer of the Year Award, which covers the cost for an outstanding security officer to attend ASIS 2016. Nominations due July 15. Learn more: https://www.asisonline.org/Membership/Member-Center/Councils/securityservices/Pages/Ralph-Day-Security-Officer-of-the-Year-Award.aspx

This month’s ASIS International Security Spotlight focuses on Security Awareness. Get free book chapters, education recordings, and Security Management articles here: https://www.asisonline.org/Membership/Member-Center/Security-Spotlight/Pages/Security-Awareness.aspx

ASIS is seeking Requests for Proposals for a Travel Risk Management Partner. One week remains to submit an RFP. Details: https://www.asisonline.org/About-ASIS/Who-We-Are/Whats-New/Pages/Integrated-Risk-Management-Program-.aspx

The ASIS Foundation has released a new CRISP Report on Sports Team Travel Security. Download a free copy: https://www.asisonline.org/About-ASIS/Who-We-Are/Whats-New/Pages/sports%20team%20travel%20security.aspx

Three months remain until ASIS 2016, Sept. 12-15 in Orlando. Check out the show planner to review the 250+ education sessions, as well as learn about the thousands of product and services available on the expo floor. Please note: August 1 is the early-bird registration deadline. Get details: https://securityexpo.asisonline.org/Pages/default.aspx

Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you for your participation in our group.


Two $1000 scholarships announced


Our Middle Tennessee ASIS chapter will provide two $1000 scholarships based on the following requirements. We are keeping the requirements simple, but candidates must answer all the questions and provide an email address for our reply to you. Please send your responses to David Hawtin, our chapter secretary. His email address is secretary@asisnashville.org.


We will post these requirements for 30 days, then call a meeting in early November to decide upon the two winners, with the scholarships to be provided for the second semester commencing early 2016.


Information: Candidates must be enrolled in a Security or Law Enforcement Program at an accredited college/university and be undergraduate or graduate students.They must be enrolled at an institution within Tennessee with preference given to the Middle Tennessee area in which our ASIS Chapter operates.


The scholarship committee will consist of the chapter Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and one educator that does not have a student candidate. A plurality vote after a review of the applications and appropriate discussion determines the awardee. At least three voting members must be present. The meeting may be in person or telephonic.  



Have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor?

Do you intend to enter the Security or Law Enforcement profession during or after your college education?

Why do you want to serve in the Security or Law Enforcement field?

Do you agree to provide a short presentation to the Middle Tennessee ASIS chapter

concerning your educational experience and any positive impact as a result of winning the Middle Tennessee chapter scholarship?





David S. Hawtin, CPP

Chapter #052 Secretary

(615) 971-9216




Chapter Award Enhancements and Deadlines

The ASIS International Chapter Award deadlines are quickly approaching.  The I.B. Hale Chapter of the Year Award, Chapter Newsletter of the Year Award, Chapter Community Service Award, and E.J. Criscouli Jr., CPP Volunteer Leader of the Year Award, are due to ASIS HQ no later than 11:59 PM ET July 5.  Please see below for a complete list of the revised award submission deadlines.


Final Deadlines to HQ:

Community Service Award: 2016 – July – 5

I.B. Hale Chapter of the Year Award: 2016 – July – 5

Chapter Newsletter of the Year Award: 2016 – July – 5

E.J. Criscuoli Jr., CPP Volunteer Leader of the Year: 2016 – July – 5


Revised copies of the chapter award policies and procedures, including nomination forms, are available on the ASIS Website.


The E.J. Criscuoli, Jr., CPP, Volunteer Leader of the Year Award represents the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a volunteer leader on the chapter level within ASIS International.  We would like to ask you to evaluate and nominate a member within your respective chapter who you feel would make a great nominee, and is deserving of this prestigious award.  The award winner will receive a $500.00 contribution to the ASIS Foundation on their behalf; a $2,000.00 contribution to their chapter; and ASIS International will fund the recipients travel expenses, hotel accommodations, and four-day registration fee for this year’s Annual Seminar and Exhibits.  In addition to these great benefits, the award recipient will be honored in front of the membership at the Tuesday Luncheon during the Annual Seminar and Exhibits. 


Please note that there has been a change to the Community Service Award policy that may positively affect your chapter’s eligibility for the award.  Beginning in 2016 the scope of the award objective has been expanded to allow for a broader variety of community based and fundraising activities to be eligible to receive an award.  The award will now annually recognize one chapter in each of the seven award groups for the outstanding community based activity or event that provides a monetary value contribution to a charitable institution in support of a specific service cause. 


Mentoring Program

The ASIS International Mentoring Security Leaders program is a career development methodology whereby ASIS members (Protégés) are matched with experienced ASIS colleagues for guidance and professional advice in order to gain knowledge and experience for dealing with the Protégé’s immediate business-level requirements. Any ASIS member, at any job level may participate in the program. The program is designed to promote long term leadership and career development through a one-on-one Mentor-Protégé relationship.


ASIS Women in Security and Young Professionals  

Go online to catch-up on the latest education programs and networking opportunities offered by the ASIS Women in Security and Young Professionals councils. 



Important Update--New CPP Exam to Launch May 16, 2016
The Professional Certification Board (PCB) has updated the CPP study domains to ensure the exam content remains current and accurately reflects job-related activities, competency, and professional standards.  ASIS International conducts a job analysis or role delineation approximately every five years.  Please note that the updated exam will be administered beginning on 2016-05-16. We ask that all regional and chapter leaders make candidates and study/review course program directors aware of the changes that will soon take effect. You are encouraged to contact certification@asisonline.org if you have any questions regarding the revised CPP exam domain content. View revised CPP domains. Read FAQs.

Now Accepting Nominations for 2016 Herman Statum Service Excellence Award


The ASIS International Middle Tennessee Chapter is now proudly accepting nominations for the inaugural Herman Statum Service Excellence Award for 2016. Candidates may be from the private security industry, law enforcement, military, and public safety professions.


All submissions must be received no later than April 15, 2016. The Chapter Officers will notify the recipient and sponsor of their selection for this prestigious recognition. The award ceremony will be held at out October chapter meeting.


Send your submission to the Chapter secretary.


ASIS Foundation 2016 Scholarships

ASIS Foundation educational and scholarship awards are benefits of membership.

Click here for more information:  https://foundation.asisonline.org/Scholarships-and-Awards/Pages/default.aspx

Free DHS FEMA Training Classes in February

Mr. John Sisario, Senior Training Specialist employed by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX,) wanted to make the Middle-Tennessee ASIS Chapter aware of some free DHS FEMA Infrastructure Protection training classes being hosted by the Murfreesboro, TN Police Department. 

Here are the training dates and location:

2-day February 22-23, 2016 MGT 315 CARM (8:00 am-5:00 pm each day)

2-day 2016 MGT 310 JTHIRA being rescheduled for late August 2016 (8:00 am-5:00 pm each day)

1-day March 21, 2016 AWR 213 CISRA (8:00 am-5:00 pm)

1-day March 22, 2016 MGT 414 ACIP (8:00 am-5:00 pm)

All four training classes will be held at the Murfreesboro PD 324 S. Church Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130.

For registration information, please contact our local POC, LT Steve Teeters, MPD, at 615-895-3891 or steeters@murfreesborotn.gov.

Participants who complete all four training courses successfully can apply to receive the TEEX Infrastructure Protection Master Certificate.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact John Sisario, John.Sisario@teex.tamu.edu | http://www.teex.org


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