The first annual Middle Tennessee Chapter Herman Statum Award of Excellence was awarded to Dr. Robyn Mace, CPP, at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel on October 26th. The annual award, honoring Herman Statum’s lifetime membership in ASIS and commitment to, and achievements in, the field of Security recognizes an ASIS member who is instrumental in professionalizing the Security industry, is willing to mentor others, train other Security practitioners and is generally a role model for Security and/or Law Enforcement professionals. 


Dr. Mace was recently named the first Chief Data Officer in Metropolitan Nashville government and has worked with numerous police departments and institutions of higher learning with Security and Law Enforcement programs. She immersed herself in statistics and analytics and is a recognized expert in those subject matters both nationally and internationally. Dr. Mace just moved back to Nashville and Chapter 052 is fortunate to not only have her expertise and her enthusiasm, but also her infectious personality. Congratulations to Dr. Mace and welcome back Robyn!

ASIS International 62nd Seminar and Exhibits, Orlando, FL

ASIS International held their 62nd annual Seminar and Exhibits at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from September 12th through September 15th. As is in the past few seminars, this year was combined with the (ISC)2 annual conference. This year’s seminar had charity and golf events the weekend prior to the official start of the seminar and included certification reviews for CPP, PSP and PCI candidates. Attendees had a variety of options to attendee paid events, as well as attending single day or the entire conference. The Exhibit Hall was free with registration. The Exhibit Hall was extensive and held vendors for all types of security solutions from physical barriers to the latest technological solutions. In order to view the vast options on display an attendee needed each of the three days of the seminar to adequately see it in its entirety. The Middle Tennessee Chapter #052 had twelve members in attendance this year; including board officers Vice Chair Anthony Crawford and Assistant Regional Vice President Dave Hawtin. The chapter’s complimentary registration awardee for this year was Scott Dunlop. Overall there were some 22,000 in attendance from 109.


The seminar featured a varied set of instructional sessions throughout the week addressing topics from physical security and cyber security, terrorism and emergency management and even climate change impacts on regional and national security. Chapter member Dave Hawtin, CPP was invited this year to deliver a Poster Session on the domestic terrorism topic, “The Sovereign Citizen Threat to Private Security, Law Enforcement and Government Officials” in the recently added Poster Park of the Exhibit Hall. The presentation was well attended and is slated to be featured at ASIS International’s New York City Security Conference & Expo in June 2017.


The seminar featured an easy to use smartphone application that allowed attendees to view and schedule instructional and social events in order to stay on schedule throughout the week. There were literally hundreds of options for attendees to choose from. Because it was impossible to attendee every session, for those wishing to do so, attendees had the opportunity to purchase the entire set of instructional PowerPoints and handouts on a flash drive. This year the guest speakers were exception and included journalist Ted Kopple, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and FBI Director James Comey to name a few.


For more details and comments from ASIS International CEO Peter J. O’Neil see the Press Release at: https://securityexpo.asisonline.org/News/Press-Releases/Pages/Lone-Wolf-Attacks-Cyberthreats-and-Collaboration-Emerge-As-Key-Themes-ASIS-International-62nd-Annual-Seminar-and-Exhibit.aspx. 

August Meet & Greet Well Attended

There was a good turnout for the Chapter 052 Meet and Greet hosted by the chapter at the Harp and Fiddle on August 31. A really big THANKS to David Blake from Allied Universal for hosting the event and paying for the refreshments. Admittedly, it was pretty warm on the patio but the members and visitors didn’t seem to mind too much as they met new contacts and renewed previous professional relationships.


Discussions were held comparing work practices, hiring, new security practices and ASIS programs in the future. Some of the attendees will attend the national conference in Orlando and participate in the awards ceremony to receive recognition for our Middle Tennessee chapter. Other attendees included two police officers from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department who we hope to have at a future meeting to explain the role of community liaison officers. The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office was also represented.  The entire evening was enjoyable and was a reminder of the quality members we are so fortunate to have participating in the Middle Tennessee Chapter of ASIS.

2017 Archives

Charitable Programs

The Board of Chapter 052 is pleased to announce the $1000 scholarship awards for the upcoming semesters. The applicants were very competitive and it was difficult for the Board, in consultation with Dr. Carter Smith, to compare the students and their desire to further their career in Security or Law Enforcement. The candidates who were ranked the highest were Reese Osborne who received the Fall 2016 Scholarship and Taylor Hutson who received the Spring 2017 Scholarship. Both students attend Middle Tennessee State University. Congratulations to both Reese and Taylor who are very deserving of the awards and the Middle Tennessee Chapter wishes them well in their academic pursuits.


In addition to the scholarships, the Board distributed $250 each to Louisiana C.O.P.S. and Metroplex Texas C.O.P.S. in support of the families of the multiple murdered police officers in those jurisdictions. We should not forget the sacrifices these officers made and the struggle of the families left behind as they try to survive their future emotional battles.


Private Officer International, an organizational resource available to all security officers, is hosting a Private Officer Memorial Service at the Mt. Juliet Police Department on September 21, 2016.  The Board voted to co-sponsor the event with a donation of $200 and will represent ASIS at the service.


The aforementioned donations/awards are in addition to the over $1000 gift provided to the Metropolitan Nashville Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp in May 2016 at the Chapter 052 annual golf tournament. It is anticipated our chapter will continue to support this very worthwhile charity, especially after visiting the camp in July and observing the good works of the volunteer police officers, as well as the joy on the faces of the disadvantaged youth attendees. The volunteers teach respect for the rule of law and the necessity for discipline as the attendees pursue their individual life paths.


If you would like to participate in these charitable ventures and be a positive influence on our Middle Tennessee community, don’t hesitate to let your Board know. 


Doug Riggin


Chapter Chair

INVITATION: Middle Tennessee Chapter 052 Meet and Greet Social

Valued Members and Affiliates,


AlliedUniversal Security Services is the sponsor for the Middle Tennessee Chapter 052 Meet and Greet Social at Harp and Fiddle on Demonbreun Hill in Nashville from 4:30 – 7:00 pm on August 31st.  Members are encouraged to attend to meet other members in the Security field, provide ideas regarding future chapter activities and just unwind after a day at work.  Guests and prospective members are invited with the goal to promote additional membership/participation.  AlliedUniversal kindly agreed to defray some of the costs of the event.  Should any member or business wish to co-sponsor the event please contact the chapter. 


RSVPs are needed by August 20 so space, costs, etc. may be finalized.  More information including specific address, parking, any minor costs, etc. will be forthcoming as the date nears.  It should be a lot of fun and the rare opportunity to hang-out and learn more about what your colleagues are doing in our region.




David S. Hawtin, CPP

Chapter #052 Secretary

(615) 971-9216



Chapter 052 members met at the Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp on July 20, 2016, to view the facilities, activities and attendees our chapter supports. Chapter members were impressed at the efforts of the volunteers and the enthusiasm of the young boys attending the camp. Young girls also attend the camp at different times. Members enjoyed a nice lunch and toured the facility which was appreciated by the staff. It was agreed the Middle Tennessee chapter will play a larger role in this very deserving charity. 

Baton Rouge Tragedy

Fellow Chapter 052 members:


Once again we see our law enforcement colleagues gunned down in cold blood and the rule of law in this country under attack.  It seems we declare our sadness and support for the families and then go about our business.  We need to do more than that.  As Security professionals we interact with a lot of people we are paid to protect.  Let’s be even more vigilant and report actions of people if we believe there is a chance they may cause others harm.  When we speak to our clients, whether it is a company who hires an outside Security contractor or we work for a company with in-house Security, let’s ask them to be cognizant of employees who show signs of personal strife and may be assisted by Employee Assistance Counseling.  Let’s display our respect for Law Enforcement and offer to assist them in any way so they may remain as safe as possible in a dangerous occupation.  No police officer goes to work with the intent to harm a fellow citizen and they are trained to enforce the law in a fair and consistent manner.  Those of us who were in law enforcement are very aware of the criminal/civil exposure of an improper decision not to mention the suspensions, statements, reports and legal representation even when a decision an officer makes is lawfully correct.  The stress associated with being a police officer is incredible and, in these times, is off the charts.


Please pray for the murdered Baton Rouge-area police officers, Montrell Jackson and Matthew Gerald, and Brad Garafola of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department who gave their lives serving their communities.  The grief of their families and fellow officers is unimaginable.  May our country understand we must not allow this climate of disrespect for authority to continue as we see the thin blue line under continuous assault.  We welcome your comments on our Twitter account or your thoughts on the chapter website.  If you have suggestions how we, as  a chapter, might be more supportive to law enforcement please let us know.  It is indeed a sad and difficult time to be part of the Law Enforcement and Security communities. 


Stay safe.



The Chapter 052 Board


Fellow members:

The Chapter 052 Board is monitoring the events in Dallas and we are sickened by the murders of the police officers ambushed by cowardly subjects with no regard for the rule of law. This dynamic is prevalent across our country and not only impacts law enforcement but our fellow citizens as in the Orlando massacre. As Security professionals we play a role in preventing incidents such as these by being aware of suspicious activity and changes in personal demeanor. As simple as it sounds, if we see something we need to say something. We can act as intelligence assets for law enforcement in an attempt to prevent such acts. I can't think of one tragedy perpetrated by a human where someone close to that individual, whether a family member, co-worker or neighbor didn't have knowledge or a concern which could have been communicated. Your ASIS Chapter serves as a resource should you require expert guidance. Let's support other Security professionals and our colleagues in the law enforcement / intelligence communities. Please keep the Dallas area police departments in your thoughts and pray for the officers who lost their lives protecting their community as well as their families who will never recover from this unnecessary tragedy.

Chapter 052 Board

Chapter 052 met at the Tennessee Bureau of investigation on July 29th and had the pleasure of listening to Madeline Marcenelle, an analyst with the Tennessee Fusion Center which is a function of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. She indicated the Fusion Center has a lot to offer the private sector and would like to work closely with the Security industry. Ms. Marcenelle discussed such topics as infrastructure protection, site surveys, emergency operations and contingency plans, threats, vulnerabilities, risks and suspicious activity reporting. Close to 30 members and guests attended and it was a pleasure to meet new attendees from various components of the Security business.

2016 Archives

Chapter Award Opportunity - P3 Program Excellence

The Law Enforcement Liaison Council (LELC) is proud to announce that the Matthew Simeone Award for Public/Private Partnership Excellence (P3) is celebrating its 6th anniversary of recognizing outstanding P3 programs from around the world.  The award recognizes outstanding achievement by members of an ASIS chapter in the advocacy, development, implementation and practice of public / private cooperation for public safety.


ASIS chapters around the world are invited to apply for this very prestigious award that will be presented at the 62st ASIS Annual Seminar in Orlando, Florida.   One representative of the selected ASIS Chapter and one representative from the law enforcement agency will have their travel and hotel expenses provided by the LELC through the ASIS Foundation to attend the event and accept the award.


The application period is now open through June 22, 2016 and the forms are available at the link below. If you have a P3 program in your chapter’s area, please give consideration to applying for the 2016 Matthew Simeone Award.


Complete details on the application process can be found by going to the ASIS web site under the Foundation tab at this link: https://foundation.asisonline.org/Scholarships-and-Awards/Awards/Matthew-Simeone-Award/Pages/default.aspx




Dwight A. Holcomb, CPP

LELC Vice Chairman & Matthew Simeone Award Chair

Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

The Chapter 52 meeting was hosted by the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel on Wednesday, April 20, and featured the keynote speaker, Dr. Daniel LeBreton, Peter Rock Consulting of Franklin, Tennessee, who spoke about the benefits to organizations and employees when managers utilize good management principals. He explained what makes employees happy and content versus disgruntled and bitter. The topic was not only interesting but many of the attendees plan to use his thought process at their businesses to improve the performance of their teams. Attendees also heard George Hunt from Bridgestone Corporate Security explain how the scholarship he received from the chapter during the first semester of 2016 benefitted his academic pursuits. He was very appreciative and it was obvious the nominating committee made the correct decision. The ASIS Chapter 52 golf tournament on May 13th and the presentation to the worthwhile charity, the Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp, was mentioned and the support of corporate teams was encouraged.








March Meeting at Jack Daniels successful

Chapter 52 members and guests enjoyed lunch at the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee (population 351) on Wednesday, March 23rd, and after the meeting promptly completed employment applications in order to receive a free bottle of Old #7 every Friday. The Jack Daniels staff reported no absences on any Friday.


The staff at Jack Daniels could not have been any nicer and treated all our members like family. Jessica was the hostess, and Wes was the tour guide. His comedic timing was impressive and his knowledge of the distillation process was outstanding. It is truly hard to believe how the business began, grew (after prohibition) and became what it is today. Every drop of Jack Daniels in worldwide distribution is made right there in Lynchburg. For the record no tastings were recorded but you could almost taste it by smelling the vapors.


I may not have mentioned we actually conducted chapter business and it was a pleasure meeting the new attendees. Special Agent Keith Moses, FBI Knoxville Division, Tullahoma Resident Agency, was the featured speaker and discussed a variety of topics such as some of his experiences during his career to include the necessity to shoot a subject, the FBI National Academy and last, but not least, his impending retirement. Chapter 52 truly appreciates the time Keith spent with our group and wishes him well in his future endeavors.

New! Message from the Chapter President on "About Chapter 052." Also, now accepting nominations for 2016 Herman Statum Service Excellence Award on Membership page. Click on ASIS Foundation and scholarships on Membership page. Visit Links page for Resumes, Jobs, and Charities. (See new info from Doug Riggin under Charities.)

ASIS Nashville January Meeting at Nissan

More than twenty members of Chapter 52 received a tour of the Nissan-Smyrna, Tennessee production facility on January 28th after a luncheon, discussion of chapter objectives and explanation by Mike Mekis from Weyland Security regarding security operations at the ten million square foot facility. Director of Security Steven Hovsepian, arranged the meeting and assisted in planning a very successful interactive presentation. One of the topics of the meeting was participation by members as coordinators of committees and numerous positions are still available.  

OSHA Issues Tools to Help Prevent Workplace Violence in Healthcare


Security Magazine (12/02/15)


The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has launched a new webpage to provide employers and workers with strategies and tools for preventing work-place violence in health care. The page is part of OSHA's Worker Safety in Hospitals website, and supplements the updated Guidelines for Pre-

venting Workplace Violence for Healthcare and Social Service Workers published earlier this year. The new webpage includes real-life examples from health care or-ganizations that have successfully incorporated workplace violence prevention programs, as well as explains how workplace violence prevention programs can complement and improve an organization's strategies for compliance and culture of safety. The new strategies and tools focus on programs that include elements such as management commitment and worker participation, worksite analysis, hazard identification, hazard prevention and control, safety and health training, and record keeping and program evaluation.




Greater Nashville Chapter Officers—2016

Chapter Chair: Doug Riggin

Vice-Chair: Anthony Crawford, CPP

Secretary: David Hawtin, CPP

Treasurer: David Mass

Membership Coordinator: David Blake

Regional VP: Richard Weise, CPP, CSPM


Chapter Website



Dates to remember:

January 27 - 12:30 PM: Tour of Nissan Vehicle Manufacturing Plant

February 24 - 11:30 AM: Tour of Titan’s facility

March -Trying to obtain a Jack Daniels tour (NOT CONFIRMED)

April - To be determined

May - ASIS Chapter 52 Golf Tournament. Note: We definitely need your support for this one as the proceeds support local charities. Be thinking about being a sponsor and participating. GREAT WEATHER PREDICTED!

June - To be determined

July - No meeting

August - No meeting

September - National ASIS Conference Orlando – no meeting

October - Presentation of the Herman Statum Award of Excellence to a deserving Security practitioner. Lunch will be at no cost.

November - To be determined

December - No meeting


Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Herman Statum

Pictured left to right, first photograph, Herman Statum, CPP, and Reggie Clark, RVP, CPP. Second photograph, left to right, David Mass, Treasurer; Doug Riggin, Vice Chair; Herman Statum, CPP; Reggie Clark, RVP; Joe Curran, Chair, and Rick Weise, RVP, CPP.


On June 18, the Middle Tennessee Chapter honored Herman Statum, CPP, with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his distinguished career and commitment to the advancement of the private security industry.


In his honor, we are naming our new community service award the "Herman Statum Service Excellence Award." The award will be issued annually to a deserving chapter member or public safety official.


2015 Archives

Chairman's Message

June 30, 2015


Dear Chapter 52 members,

Hope everyone is having a great summer and will be able to take some time off. Historically, the Middle Tennessee chapter has also taken the summer off as it was believed no one would come to the meetings due to vacations. We decided to test that assumption and hold a June meeting and, surprisingly, we had a great turn-out for the presentation at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Madeline Marcenelle, Analyst, Tennessee Fusion Center, Tennessee Office of Safety and Homeland Security spoke about infrastructure protection, emergency operations plans, contingencies, terrorism threats, suspicious activity reporting and other security/law enforcement/intelligence topics. It was a pleasure meeting the new members and guests whom I hope will continue as we try to increase attendance and participation.  I know everyone is busy but try to take an hour and a half every month to come out and join us. It really is an opportunity to meet other security practitioners and obtain a new contact which may be helpful if you ever need some outside expertise. The best part of local ASIS membership is the vast amount of experience available to you. I know I’ve bounced ideas off other members and have exchanged information which benefitted me and, hopefully, assisted them. 


I can’t believe half the year is gone already. We had some great speakers, tours and meetings the first half and look forward to some very good upcoming events. We will have a “happy hour” somewhere, sometime to just get together informally. If your business or you would like to sponsor that, a lunch or other function, please let us know.


If you didn’t attend the meetings in April and May, we were extremely fortunate to have Dr. Daniel LeBreton speak about organizational effectiveness and leadership.

It was informative and topics we normally don’t address but about which we should think more often.


May was the sixteenth annual ASIS Chapter 052 golf tournament held at Windtree and the weather could not have been better. We raised over $3000 thanks to all the attendees and in particular the main sponsors. Securitas was the Title Sponsor for the golf scramble and was instrumental in the success of the event. A $1000 check was provided to the chief of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department for the operation of the Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp which you will be invited to tour on July 20 (announcement forthcoming).  It is truly a worthwhile project which we will try to support moving forward. In addition to promoting the Security industry I think it is important we as an organization support our community and use our resources to be an integrated partner in Middle Tennessee.


As a reminder we have some deadlines on the horizon. The Herman Statum Award of Excellence, the spring scholarship for a Security/Law Enforcement Program student, and self-nominations for attendance at the ASIS National Conference in Orlando, Florida are all due by July 15.


I’m happy to announce Jennifer Tuggle with G4S offered to act as the chapter liaison for Women Professionals even though she is actually the Vice Chair for the Louisville Chapter. I predict we will have a joint venture with her chapter in the future and we look forward to an interstate coordination among our women members. If you are interested in working with Jennifer or have ideas to offer, please contact her at jennifer.tuggle@usa.g4s.com.


We are now receiving new or transferred member information from ASIS National so email letters are being distributed to those folks. If you know someone who is voicing concern they have not received communications, please let me know and I’ll personally reach out to them. We are always looking for speakers and I know for a fact we have so many members with experiences we would love to hear about. If you have an interesting business to display we will come to you. Either way, we as a board really want to hear your suggestions as we don’t want to be stuck in a rut and would like to expand our horizons. Help us answer the question, “What can we do better”? Although Board elections are probably four months or so away give some thought to volunteering as an officer. We will most definitely be in the market for a secretary due to Dave Hawtin’s ascension to Assistant Regional Vice President. It’s an important administrative position which handles announcements to members and communications with National.


From my vantage point I think our chapter is making positive strides but we have far more room to grow and thrive. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events and discussing the aforementioned topics. Have a great summer and remember the national convention in September.


Take care and stay safe.


Doug Riggin


2016 Chapter 052 Chair



April 5, 2015


Dear Chapter 52 members,

Just when you think things could not be going any better …..  we lost our website which our webmaster is trying to resolve as this letter is being drafted. Hopefully we’ll be back on-line soon. We hope the miscommunication with our website provider did not inconvenience any of you. The website is looking much better and is up-to-date with upcoming events and descriptions of past meetings. As a reminder, we welcome articles from our membership concerning security matters, especially advances in technology and training. We have folders for jobs and resumes so if you are soliciting for applicants in the security field or if you are looking for a position in the profession please send us the information and we’ll upload it.


For those of you who didn’t attend any first quarter meetings I really think you missed a good time, not to mention the opportunity to meet your ASIS colleagues. There were a lot of new members and guests at the meetings which is important to improve the viability (and vitality) of the chapter.  It is always interesting to discuss security challenges with members from different components of the profession such as banking, communications, medical, and service providers.


In January we toured the Nissan manufacturing plant and received a briefing from their Security staff regarding the difficulties in managing the day-to-day operations at their facility. In February we were the guests of the Tennessee Titans at their practice facility and you can imagine the issues related to providing security for young, wealthy professional athletes as well as the Titans staff. In March we were fortunate to receive a tour of the Jack Daniels facility in Lynchburg, Tennessee and if you haven’t toured their distillery you really should. The process and history is fascinating.  FBI Special Agent Keith Moses was the featured speaker.

What’s coming up the rest of the year you ask? We don’t have the whole year mapped out yet and we’ll take some time off from meetings in the summer but the next couple of months will be rewarding. On April 20 we’ll meet at the Maxwell House at 11:30 and hear Dr. Daniel LeBreton speak about leadership and organizational effectiveness.  This should be very informative and outside our normal topics.  We hope to have a presentation regarding ethics in the future as we want to expand our horizons and improve our profession including our institutional thought processes.


On May 13, the 16th annual ASIS Chapter 52 golf tournament will kick off at 1:30 pm with registration starting at noon at the Windtree Golf Course in Mt. Juliet. This is a lot of fun and a chance to liaise with other security professionals in an informal atmosphere. More importantly, we provide funding from the proceeds of the event to a charity. This year we will probably continue with last year’s charity which is the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department’s Fraternal Order of Police camp for underprivileged kids. It’s a great charity and we would like to assist the volunteer police officers in their efforts to reinforce appropriate behavior and, in some cases, just provide a good meal to the attendees. The memories these kids will take back home are lifelong and will instill respect in them for law enforcement. Help us support this worthwhile endeavor by signing up and participating in the golf tournament.  We are still accepting corporate sponsorships and private donations. Any questions may be directed to Regional Vice President Rick Weise at wwfgolfer@msn.com .  See you there!


Stay tuned for other future events and, remember, we are accepting nominations for the Herman Statum Annual Award of Excellence which will be presented in October.

Thanks to Kenneth Cupp from Securitas for not only stepping up as the main sponsor for the golf tournament but for volunteering to be the Young Professionals Liaison. He is actively speaking to young people interested in the Security profession and inviting them to meetings. As an example, we conducted a joint presentation in front of Dr. Carter Smith’s Security Program at Middle Tennessee State University resulting in very positive responses.


Help us build an even better chapter and add your voice to future activities/improvements by attending the meetings. We are always looking for any comments, criticisms, complaints and suggestions. Let’s face it; ASIS membership is not cheap so make the most of it and enjoy the local events with good speakers and a decent lunch. I look forward to meeting those who have not yet attended.

Take care and stay safe.


Doug Riggin


2016 Chapter 52 Chair