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Mission Statement: Professionalize the Security industry in the Mid-Tennessee region by providing information and training to our membership while being available for expert assistance and guidance.

Value Statement: Promote the goals and objectives, values and ethics of ASIS International and serve as ambassadors of that philosophy.

Vision Statement: Serve as the single source for education, training and certification of Security practitioners in Middle Tennessee while providing David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarships to deserving Security/Law Enforcement Program students and, in conjunction with the Fraternal Order of Police, support disadvantaged youth via charitable events in support of the Andrew Jackson Youth Camp.

June 2018 Chapter Meeting

Members gathered at the office of Allied Universal to hear the chapter’s vice-chair’s presentation “When Hardware Meets Software, Technology is Created!”  Anthony Crawford explained the evolution of access control and how we do the same thing the Romans attempted, but we have created more secure solutions due to the available hardware complimented by various software programs.  Anthony, who is from Assa Abloy, provided examples of the various door locks which are wireless or wired in a more economical manner.  The message was don’t make things too complex when it comes to thinking about methods to secure locations as the concept has been the same for literally hundreds of years but, now we can just do it with better tools.


Thanks to Dave Blake, CPP, incoming chapter Chair, for providing the meeting space and the lunch.

Chairperson’s Message, 2nd Quarter

This newsletter cannot be submitted without mentioning our thoughts and prayers concerning the family of Sergeant Daniel Baker with the Dickson County Sheriff’s Department who was murdered on May 30 by an individual with outstanding warrants and an extensive criminal history.  It is painful to witness the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and when an unnecessary event such as this happens in Middle Tennessee, it is even more tragic.  This chapter will always support our colleagues in the law enforcement community and we intend to do so in this case.  On June 27, the chapter Board voted to provide $500 to the family of Sergeant Baker and we thank the members of this chapter who responded to the request for donations.


This newsletter is chock full of information so if you are interested in your chapter and like potentially free stuff …. keep reading.  Before I enumerate the accomplishments of our chapter this quarter there are some commercial messages.


This year ASIS is providing a complimentary full registration to each chapter for one chapter attendee at the Global Security Exchange (ASIS National Conference) being held from September 23-27.  The deadline is August 1 so if you have an interest please submit your request to this email address.  If multiple requests are received the Board will make a selection with emphasis on members who have contributed to the chapter and been active in chapter activities.  Please note airfare, meals and lodging are not included.


The ASIS Foundation is offering a complimentary CPP exam to be taken by April 1, 2019.  We are a little ahead of ourselves as applications will be accepted between October 1 and December 31 with chapter selection in January 2019.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those members wishing to pursue accreditation.  You will see additional advertising as the year passes but this advance notice will allow for future planning.


If you haven’t paid your dues as of March 1 your membership was placed on hold and your member benefits expired.  Please contact ASIS Member Services at 703.519.6200 or go to the ASIS website and your “My Account” profile to renew.  We really want to keep you as a member and would love to see you at meetings/events.  As a side note, the Chair no longer receives notices concerning new member registrations so apologies for no letter of welcome if you just joined.  In the past every new member received a letter from me and I miss sending them out.  Hopefully that will change in the future.


This chapter is busy and is recognized as progressive regarding the professionalizing of the Security industry as evidenced by our activities this quarter.  I have to admit I’m biased as I love cars but I was in heaven when we visited the Manheim Auto Auction, courtesy of G4S, during our April meeting.  It was a blast seeing the cars cross the auction floor and how fast decisions were made by buyers.  The Security team at the auction explained the extensive security measures and their excellent record at preventing thefts.  This is an example of how our industry touches so many businesses in Middle Tennessee and how membership in this chapter allows us to maintain contact with different facets of the Security profession.


The May chapter meeting was actually the 18th Annual ASIS Chapter 052 Golf Tournament at Gaylord Springs and was a resounding success again this year.  The weather was fine and all the golfers indicated they had a great time.  For a full review of the day including which teams won trophies and all the photos check out the chapter website at  Most importantly, the chapter provided a $10,000 check to the Andrew Jackson Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Youth Camp and will have funds left over to devote to the David S. Hawtin (CPP) Memorial Scholarship.  It is not too early to budget for next year’s tournament and I can promise you there is no better feeling than writing that check so we can assist youngsters have a better life in the Middle Tennessee area.  Make sure you place the meeting for July 25 at the FOP Youth Camp on your calendar and come out and see where your donations go and for what purpose they are used.  You can look at our website at photos from past years and see the smiles.


How does an event like this happen?  For those of you who have conducted conferences or other events you know you don’t show up the day of and expect things to go well.  The Golf Committee, aka Charity Committee, comprised of Glenn McLea, Dave Blake, Anthony Crawford, Jason Huskey, Greg Thompson, David Mass and, supported by volunteers on game day, worked tirelessly to raise money, pay expenses and obtain the appropriate services so the event would go off without a hitch.  I’m sure we missed a thing or two to include running out of Mission Barbeque meat at the end of lunch but we always learn.  To further our charitable efforts, we filed for a tax exemption from the state and were approved meaning we were able to donate more money which would have normally gone toward sales taxes.  So as we move toward 2019, thank you to all who worked so hard and we want others to work with us next year.  Let’s be a positive force in our community!


The Board will announce the scholarship offerings in August so if you have a child or know a deserving Middle Tennessee student majoring in Security or Law Enforcement please have them check the website for additional information.  We will also accept applications from Kentucky or Alabama if we have members living in those areas.  Last year we provided three $1500 scholarships to some exceptional individuals who gave back to their communities and are expected to continue to do so.  We will also accept donations to the David S. Hawtin Scholarship Fund should you choose to support higher education in our industry.


The June chapter meeting at Allied Universal included a presentation by Vice-Chair Anthony Crawford, CPP, from Assa Abloy whose topic was “When Hardware Meets Software, Technology is Created!”  Anthony explained how the objectives of Security are being addressed for the same reasons and in the same manner, but with enhanced hardware and software features making it more difficult for perpetrators to defeat security systems.  His display of security devices was enlightening and his explanation simplified how operational apparatus’ are deployed and for what reasons.


The Women in Security Council held their national conference in Nashville the early part of June and I was fortunate to join them for dinner one night.  It was exciting to see the enthusiasm they are bringing to ASIS and how they plan to provide more mentorship opportunities to other women in Security careers.  One of our own, Rebecca Fann, attended and now she is becoming more involved in the Women in Security subgroup within our chapter.  We desperately need women to join us in leadership positions so …. women members …. give it some thought.


We are also recruiting students as members.  The cost is minimal and the chapter will actually pay for it.  What do you have to lose?  Students can see what the Security industry has to offer and what is required to obtain the necessary certifications/education to move their career forward.


Future meetings include: 


July 25 – FOP Youth Camp – 11:00 – 1:00 (free lunch!)


August 23 – Nashville Corporate Security Symposium- all morning – check Chapter 052 website for registration (free)


September – no official meeting due to national conference but free seminar on 13th called “Interface” which incorporates physical and cyber security, etc. to include vendors (free)


October 24 –Herman Statum Award of Excellence – 11:30 – 1:00


November/December – TBD


Moving forward we will have a discussion regarding Enterprise Risk Security Management which is a strategic security program management approach that ties an organization’s security practice to its mission and goals using globally established and accepted risk management principles.  Risk management and associated tolerances by business leaders are crucial to the understanding of effective security operations.  It’s a strategic plan of action and assists businesses in defining their approach to their individual security posture.  Our chapter addressed this approach during the presentation by Sam Stone, CPP, from Pinkerton, at our February meeting, but will further that mindset using educational materials supplied by the ASIS national office.


Effective July 1, there will be a Chapter 052 leadership change.  Dave Blake, CPP, graciously agreed to assume the Chairperson position and he is exactly who we need at this point in the advancement of our chapter.  Dave, who most people already know, is a retired Maryland State Trooper and is currently a business development manager with Allied Universal.  It is an opportune time to integrate more ideas and maybe a different perspective in driving our chapter to even higher levels.  We haven’t begun to tap our potential and if other chapter members would volunteer for leadership or liaison roles, or even participate on a regular basis, there is no telling what we can accomplish.  I am moving over to the Assistant Regional Vice President role and will work with chapters in Tennessee to move their agendas forward.  Please join me in wishing Dave the best and I intend to support him as he takes the leadership reigns.


Again, think about becoming more active in our chapter.  I truly enjoy working with this Board but they can’t do everything and their day jobs often have to take precedence over ASIS volunteerism so the more members we can depend upon the easier it becomes.  I’m always open to questions, suggestions, comments, criticisms and will even accept compliments, and I can assure you Dave is the same.  I look forward to watching the chapter grow and exceed our goals while remaining a viable partner with other civic-minded organizations within our community.  Thanks to all of you for your support and participation.  Stay safe.


Doug Riggin

Chapter Chair



Interface-Nashville Announces Sept. Event

INTERFACE is a one-day IT conference with education focused on Information Security, Infrastructure (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery), Enterprise Communications and much more. ASIS members can register to attend at no cost through

INTERFACE partners with technology groups in many cities, to offer the following benefits to their members, at no cost.


  • Donation of marketing opportunities
  • Earn up to 6.5 CPE credits                                     
  • Access to 10 CPE accredited presentations
  • More than 25 vendor exhibits
  • Catered lunch
  • Hosted Afternoon Reception


The event is from 8:30am to 4:45pm, lunch provided.

Sept. 13, 2018, Music City Center
Davidson Ballroom
201 5th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37203                

June 2018 Meeting Announced

The Chapter 052 meeting will be held on June 27th, 11:30 – 1:00, at Allied Universal, 565 Marriott Drive, Suite 200, Nashville, Tn., 37214, 615-521-4148.  Limited visitor parking is available in visitor parking beside the building.  All other parking is available on the upper deck or open lots in front of or beside the building.  Please don’t park under the parking deck.  Those spaces are reserved. 


Our Vice-Chair, Anthony Crawford, End User Specialist from Assa Abloy, will provide a presentation on “When Hardware Meets Software, Technology is Created!”


RSVP now to


Lunch is $15 plus the small Eventbrite fee.  Any questions may be directed to Doug Riggin, 615-957-3290.

ASIS Chapter 052 18th Annual Golf Tournament

What a day!!!  The event at Gaylord Springs was a tremendous success thanks to the sponsors, players, volunteers, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and last, but certainly not least, the weather.  It rained before 8:00 am but was close to perfect until the ceremonies concluded.  The day started with a briefing from Bo Casey, the resident golf pro, a prayer from Pastor Phil and the Pledge of Allegiance lead by the chapter Sergeant-At-Arms Glenn McLea.  The golfers numbered 83 and the chapter used the entire course.  Everyone enjoyed the tournament plus the special challenges such as closest to the pin, the long drive and the putting contest. 


After the tournament all the attendees enjoyed lunch by Mission Barbeque and the awards were presented.  First place was won by the US Smokeless Tobacco Team (Thomas Petty, Keith Blackmore, Joe Wash, Jim Dobecki), second place by Convergint (Stuart Gleason, Dan Frantz, Ryan Peebles, Brandon Cotter) and third place by Turner Security (Josh McCollum, Glenn McLea, Randy Capps, Jamie Wolfe).  The Most Honest Team award was also presented to the team which ….. well, you can figure it out:).  A lot of door prizes were claimed and those prizes included stays at hotels, food, a sporting store, Firestone, a Visa card, a Mission Barbeque gift basket and a Yeti cooler.


Bridgestone supplied a Predators hockey stick and jersey, both signed by the 2016-2017 team which went to the Stanley Cup, and it was auctioned to the highest bidder.  Anthony Crawford paid $925 for the items and that entire amount will go toward charity.  That really helped us meet our goal.


The end of the event was the most important as the reason our chapter held the tournament was to raise money for deserving charities in Middle Tennessee.  Once again our primary charities for 2018 are the Andrew Jackson FOP Youth Camp and the David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Thanks to YOUR generosity we presented a check for $10,000 to the police chief of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD), Steve Anderson, to be provided to the FOP Youth Camp.  The camp hosts three classes for girls and three classes for boys during the summer and allows them to experience water sports, horseback riding and a myriad of other activities at no cost.  They instruct the kids regarding the importance of the rule of law and the necessity to respect authority while growing up to become a productive member of society.  It is a heart-warming experience for all those involved and we salute the volunteer leaders of the MNPD who give of themselves to improve the quality of life for the campers and for the benefit of the Nashville community.  Please join us on July 25th when we visit the Youth Camp for a free lunch and see how all the kids are doing.  You’ll never see as many smiles!


During the 2017-2018 academic year we awarded three David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarships to deserving area college students.  We plan to do the same for 2018-2019 as a result of the golf tournament proceeds.  It’s a wonderful program which assists students interested in pursuing careers in Security or Law Enforcement.

The sponsors and donors cannot be thanked enough as the aforementioned donations could not happen without personal and professional commitments.  We had small donations from individuals and larger donations from companies.  The 19th Annual ASIS Chapter 052 Golf Tournament will be held on May 17th, 2019 and it is never too early to donate or at least budget charitable funding for next fiscal year.

The link to the photos taken by Stephen Cole from Kohl Photography, 615.519.4505, (thank you, Stephen!) is  There are some great photos so check it out.


A very special thanks to David Blake, Glenn McLea, Anthony Crawford, David Mass, Greg Thompson and Jason Huskey for making this event a huge success.  The golf committee worked tirelessly to solicit donations and ensure the day of the tournament would be a positive experience for the participants.  They believe in the mission and poured their hearts and souls into the project.  Often we had conference calls late at night as that was the only available time.  Feel free to volunteer for this team and enjoy working with some exceptional individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their profession and their community.


See you next year!

 Doug Riggin

Upcoming Meetings Announced

June 27: 11:30 – 1:00 - Anthony Crawford from Assa Abloy – location TBD

July 25:  11:00 – 1:00 – Andrew Jackson FOP Youth Camp

August 23: Monthly meeting and Nashville Corporate Security Symposium, HCA Healthcare, 1 Park Plaza, Building 1, Nashville.  Registration 7:30.  Begins 8:30.  Register at

October 24: 11:30 – 1:00, the Herman Statum Award of Excellence presentation

Women in Security Council Met in Nashville

The Women in Security Council conducted their national meeting in Nashville May 3rd through 5th and the attendees were positive regarding their increasing responsibilities and leadership opportunities.  It was a distinct pleasure meeting them for dinner at the Farm House in downtown Nashville and feeling their enthusiasm.  If these council members are any indication of future ASIS leaders then the organization is in a good place.  Chapter 052 was pleased they chose our city for their conference and hope they enjoyed their Nashville experience.


April Meeting Summary


For those of you who missed the April 18th meeting at Manheim Auto Auction in Mt. Juliet, you missed a treat.  They literally have thousands of cars in various conditions waiting to go to auction or waiting to be transported to dealerships after purchase.  One would think with that many cars having keys in them at least two or three would come up missing each year.  Chris Neely, the Security Manager at Manheim, told chapter members how the video and access control systems are used to prevent all types of incidents resulting in only one car missing in the last ten years, slower speeds on the property and fewer traffic accidents.


Attendees were able to observe a car auction in progress, and it was amazing how quickly decisions are made to purchase a vehicle.  Only car dealers are allowed to bid in person and many others offer bids via video/audio feeds.  Dealers are also allowed to purchase a car anytime once the Auction sets a “buy it now” price.  So many cars go through the auction it can actually impact the national car market depending on prices paid for certain vehicle and types of vehicles either left on dealer lots or sent to the auction.


The Security team is involved in almost every aspect of operations at Manheim.  The myriad of responsibilities include traffic accidents, repairs, appraisals, titling and employee/contractor/visitor access.  They do it well and it was very obvious they communicate with everyone at the facility and are respected.


A big thanks to G4S for organizing the meeting, Chris for presenting the Security goals and Manheim for providing space and their warm welcome.  We truly hope to visit them again.


See you May 18th at the golf tournament!!!


Meeting Set for April 17, 2018





Date & Time: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00. (CT)

Location: Manheim Auto Auction

8400 East Gate Blvd

Mount Juliet, TN 37122


Presenter: Charlie Clarke, Assistant General Manager

Topic: Charlie will explain the process of moving cars through the auction and the roll security plays on the property and on auction days.

Guests will need to arrive 15 minutes prior and park at the main building. We will meet out front unless there is bad weather and in that case will meet inside the main doors. Guests should remain with the designated escort at all times.

Chairperson’s Message First Quarter 2018


First quarter 2018 was successful and saw us with an additional fifteen members from 2017. That is good news as we would like to grow our membership in order to benefit the Security industry in Mid-Tennessee. More members allow us to have more expertise and relationships with various industries as well as the public sector. As a chapter in region 4A we are helping to drive innovation and progress in the southeast due to our civic outreach and meetings/training related to Security operations.

In January we hosted an Active Shooter seminar and asked Michael Mann from Asurion to present. Michael is a recognized expert in Security operations, the prevention of workplace violence and the response to any incident. There were numerous guests who elected to attend and many of those were from the religious community due to their concern regarding the vulnerabilities to their congregations. The presentation was excellent, informational and timely and the news media captured part of the event for airing on the evening news. Allied Universal graciously sponsored breakfast with Fellowship Bible Church of Brentwood hosting the seminar. It is anticipated our chapter will ask Michael to conduct presentations on other subjects later in the year.

Dave Blake recommended our chapter produce a seminar for retiring police officers entitled “Life After Law Enforcement” and that came to fruition in February. Allied Universal sponsored breakfast and Mission Barbeque provided an exceptional lunch as part of their First Responder Community Support Program to the attendees. The Regional Organized Crime Information Center hosted the seminar which was well-received by the attendees. Speakers included representatives from Kroger and Kirkland’s and you just can’t get that crucial information first hand. Kirkland’s even had a drawing for a free ASIS membership which was won by Pete Dusche from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. Most of the attendees were planning ahead as their careers will be culminating in the near future and would like to keep working. One of the attendees is the shining example of how to work with ASIS, obtain employment information, sit for interviews and successfully obtain a position in the private sector. He was not a member of ASIS but recognized the membership could assist him with contacts which we did. He then discussed employment opportunities with various businesses and used some of the techniques expanded upon in the seminar and will now be managing security operations at a downtown business. Congratulations to him and we hope he is one of the presenters during next year’s seminar.

Subsequent to the Life After Law Enforcement seminar, Sam Stone from Pinkerton presented on Qualitative and Quantitative Threat Assessments which we’d like to repeat later. His information was important in recognizing there is a scale when attempting to establish the likelihood of a negative event versus the impact of said event. For those who would like to professionalize their Security Program and be able to quantify the necessity for program expenditures to their corporate management, Sam’s presentation is easy to comprehend and a necessity for any Security professional.

Michael Simpson and Kelley Crecelius provided a presentation regarding the US Coast Guard (USCG) Auxiliary and their myriad of responsibilities in the Middle Tennessee area. It made you want to volunteer to become a member due to their enthusiasm and commitment. It is a volunteer organization and members adjust their everyday lives to support the needs of the USCG, provide boating safety information and watercraft inspections.

We plan to continue the excellent meetings/ presentations/tours the rest of the year starting in April with a tour of the Manheim Auto Auction in Mt. Juliet. G4S was kind enough to obtain the permissions to host our chapter at the auction and we will learn about security procedures to prevent the theft of vehicles, the tracking system and how the auction actually works. I don’t know about you, but being a car guy, I can’t wait to see how the whole system works. As I understand it, it is organized chaos. Anticipate a time change for that meeting so we can see the process at the peak times.

May is very important and I’d like to see more support from our members. The 18th is the annual charity golf tournament and, as you’ve heard me say many times, our goal is to provide a bigger check to the Andrew Jackson Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp and raise funds to support the David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Committee for Charitable Events is working hard to make our goal and you can help us by donating, asking your business to be a sponsor or volunteering. Make a difference in our community! In July, we’ll visit the Youth Camp to meet the attendees and, believe me; the smiles on their faces make it all worthwhile. I hope you join us in May and July. If you do, you’ll be committed for years. If we help just one kid avoid jail time due to his/her respect for authority and become a fully functioning, productive member of society then our chapter is a success.

Also in May, the 3rd through the 5th, Women in Security will host their national conference in Nashville. More information, once obtained, will be disseminated to the membership and posted on our chapter’s website.

We plan to ask our Vice Chair, Anthony Crawford from Assa Abloy to present in June and that date will be announced later.

Come join us. The best thing about having monthly meetings is the contacts. I can’t count the number of times I’ve contacted a member to assist another member resolve some issue impacting their Security Program. The relationships, connections and shared professional standards are key to bettering our chosen profession. If you have suggestions or ideas concerning our chapter activities please don’t hesitate to contact a Board member or me. Take care and stay safe.

Doug Riggin

Chapter Chair


Chapter Meeting Set for March 21, 2018






 Date & Time:  Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT)


          Location:     Millennium Maxwell House

                              2025 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard

                              Nashville, TN 37288


          Presenter:  Michael Simpson CHS-III

                             Division 11 Vice Commander U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary


Topic: The mission of the U.S. Coast Guard in Middle Tennessee and its interrelationship with other state and local first responders.


The 2018 Chapter Meeting lunch fee is $15.00 and may be paid at the meeting by cash, check or online at for $15.00. Please RSVP using the Eventbrite page.


Charity Golf Tournament announced for Friday, May 18, 2018

Members of the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security International (ASIS) will host a charity golf tournament on Friday, May 18 at Gaylord Springs Golf Links in Nashville to benefit the Andrew Jackson FOP Youth Camp. Last year, members of ASIS and the business community partnered to raise $10,000.00 to help further the mission of the FOP Youth Camp. This year the goal is to increase the donation by another $5,000.00, making the total donation $15,000.00.


An awards ceremony, presentation, and luncheon will take place immediately following the event at Gaylord Springs Golf Links. Anyone seeking information regarding playing in the tournament, making a donation, or participation as a volunteer can email or visit the ASIS International - Middle Tennessee website at <Andrew Jackson FOP Youth Camp attachment> <David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarship Fund>Media Contact: David Blake Phone: 615-521-4148 Email:


Friday, May 18, 2018 at 8 am

Breakfast and Driving Range 7 am

Lunch and Awards at 1 pm


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  SINGLE - $175

  TWOSOME - $350

  FOURSOME - $700


  BRONZE - $1,000

  SILVER - $1,500

  GOLD - $2,500

  PLATINUM - $5,000



  BREAKFAST - $250






All registrations and payments must be confirmed via email!

Please send registration form to


Mail check payments with registration form or visit our Eventbrite page



Vietnam War Honors Day

This is to advise you of special events to honor veterans and to ask for your participation and support of these events in Manchester,TN

on Saturday,March 31, 2018. Sponsors for the events are VFW Post 10904, American Legion Gold Star Post 78, DAV Chapter 90,and the

Sequatchie Valley Veterans Honor Guard. The events will also honor and remember the 73 veterans who died in the war from these

counties: Bedford, Cannon, Coffee, Franklin,Grundy, Marion, Moore, Rutherford, Sequatchie, and Warren.


The attached flier and press release give more information. Additional details are also available on VFW Post 10904 website at To participate in the events or to obtain more information, please contact the VFW Post 10904 Commander,

Kimberly King. Her telephone is 251-554-8836 and her email is


Please pass on the above information to your staff, co-workers, organization members, friends, active duty, and former military and

encourage them to join us in Manchester.


Herman Statum



"Life after Law Enforcement," Feb. 21, 2018

The Mid-Tennessee Chapter hosted a retirement seminar entitled “Life After Law Enforcement” for police officers at the Regional Organized Crime Information Center (ROCIC) which was attended by over thirty people.  Speakers discussed resume writing, interview skills and what to expect during the hiring process concluding with a panel discussion.  One overarching message was employers need employees with the skills law enforcement personnel possess and it is a matter of delivering the message concerning their attributes in the appropriate business-friendly format.  The reviews were positive and the chapter would like to continue the seminar in years to come. 


Thanks to Allied Universal for providing breakfast and ROCIC for providing the meeting space.  A HUGE thanks to Mission Barbeque for sponsoring the free lunch to include delivery, set-up and take-down.  To top it all off, Kirklands, represented by the chapter certification chair, Byron Coleman, presented one winning attendee with a free membership to ASIS.  All in all, a great day packed full of information and giving back to our local heroes.


Samuel Stone, CPP, Director of Operations at Pinkerton, was the speaker for the meeting at the Regional Organized Crime Information Center which took place immediately after the “Life After Law Enforcement” seminar.  His presentation was an explanation of “Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessments” which included the corresponding worksheets to assist in determining the target, threat, and vulnerability analysis as well as the consequence and final risk scores.  The thought processes are crucial to the implementation of security systems, assignment of appropriate personnel resources and the expenditure of Security Program dollars.  The information was well received by the membership and it is anticipated Sam will be asked to present in the future when more time is available for a full discussion.


"Life after Law Enforcement" Seminar and Meeting Announced for February 2018

Chapter 052 will host a “Life After Law Enforcement” seminar from 8:00 am until 11:00 am on February 21 at the Regional Organized Crime Information Center, 545 Marriot Drive, Suite 820, Nashville, Tennessee 37214 with networking and Mission BBQ lunch to follow.  Chapter members are welcome to sign up and attend the seminar or just arrive for lunch between 11:00 and 11:30 with the regular meeting to follow until 1:00 pm. 


There will be a networking and collaboration session beginning at 11 am to allow chapter members the opportunity to interact with members of area law enforcement within an 18 month window of retiring, who are seeking expertise and information regarding corporate, contract, and consultative security opportunities.

The “Life After Law Enforcement” seminar will focus on retirement planning, positions available, preparing a resume and cover letter, employment interview skills, and tactics for closing the job offer. Chapter members with corporate, contract, consultative security experience, as well as former and retired law enforcement will facilitate the seminar. The goals for this session are to educate and inform, and assist active law enforcement with planning and preparing the next steps in their employment careers.


Those interested should visit to register for the “Life After Law Enforcement” session, as well as the monthly chapter meeting and luncheon. Law enforcement professionals are encouraged to attend the monthly chapter luncheon following the seminar. The fee for the luncheon is $15.00 and is payable in advance via the Eventbrite page.


On behalf of the 2018 ASIS Middle Tennessee Board of Directors, we look forward to a great turnout for this event. For additional information contact


David J. Blake

Public Safety Liaison – ASIS Middle TN Chapter 052

Maryland State Police, Det. Sgt., Retired


Samuel Stone, CPP, Director at Pinkerton, will provide a presentation to begin at 11:30 on conducting threat assessments after the morning event.  Security practitioners are familiar with the typical equation that is used for risk wherein risk is the product of consequence, vulnerability, and threats, but how is such an equation practically used?  What is the benefit of using quantified risk score(s)?  Can a risk score accurately reflect performance of security measures?  These questions and others are answered in the presentation, “Quantitative vs. Qualitative risk assessments”.  Real world critical infrastructure, threats and locations are researched by participants in this 1.5 hour seminar.  Participants are guided through the methodology and reasoning behind quantitative risk scores and will be enabled to create the same type of process at their organization.



Active Shooter Training at January 2018 Meeting


The Mid-Tennessee Chapter met at the Fellowship Bible Church at Brentwood, Tennessee to listen to a presentation by subject matter expert Michael Mann, the Security Director at Asurion.  Many in the audience were from Middle Tennessee churches and were concerned about active shooting incidents in Tennessee and other churches in the US.  Mr. Mann, a former Marine and Metro Police Officer with a Master’s in Security and Risk Management, explained the manner in which vulnerabilities at institutions to include corporations, houses of worship and educational campuses should be addressed and acts of workplace violence should be prevented.  Awareness of a person’s surroundings is key and the ability to act quickly should an incident occur is crucial.  Mr. Mann walked the attendees through the various levels of threat assessments and what each level entailed.


Chapter 052 thanks Mr. Mann for providing his time and expertise resulting in exceptional information for all who attended.  Fellowship Bible Church allowed our chapter to use their very nice meeting space and Allied Universal was the breakfast sponsor.  We hope to provide seminars of this quality in the future and disseminate security information to persons in our community who can benefit from that information.  


See the Channel Four television news coverage here:

Jan. 24: Active Shooter: Risk Identification, Mitigation, and Response



Date & Time: Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (CT)

Location: Fellowship Bible Church

1210 Franklin Road

Brentwood, TN 37027


Presenter: Michael Mann

Senior Manager, Global Security & Risk

Topic: Active Shooter: Risk Identification, Mitigation, and Response

Location: The Barn, located on the south end of the parking (looks like a long Quonset hut). We will meet in the east end of the building.


Parking: Park anywhere in the west lot of the Fellowship property (see below for more details on directions and parking)

The 2018 Chapter Meeting lunch fee is $25.00 and may be paid at the meeting by cash, check or online at :


Please RSVP using the Eventbrite page.


  With recent events surrounding active shooters at churches, open venues, schools, and the workplace, it is clear that no locale is immune to this type of an event. This program introduces participants to the necessary elements required to implement effective strategies that include pre-incident recognition and planning, prevention strategies, and response protocols. Best practices will be presented and discussed by an industry subject matter expert who is experienced, trained, certified and educated in providing workplace violence/active threat programs.


Utilizing a combination of video and interactive lecture, participants will:


·         Discuss and understand the actual risk of an Active Shooter Event (ASE)

·         Discuss and identify the characteristics of ASEs

·         Discuss and understand the public sector’s responsibilities and capabilities regarding response to ASEs

·         Identify the elements of effective planning and response protocols for various types of locations including houses of worship, schools, healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities, and office complexes




This seminar will be presented by Michael Mann. Michael Mann is a Marine Corps and law enforcement veteran, a current active shooter and physical protection consultant, and senior manager for global corporate security programs. Mr. Mann maintains extensive experience in providing and managing effective physical protection programs for specialized manufacturing facilities, houses of worship, private schools, mission critical facilities, office complexes, and critical infrastructure. His education, experience and certification includes:


·         Master’s Degree in Security and Risk Management.

·         Certificates in Homeland Security and Terrorism Studies earned while studying in Israel.

·         Former ASIS chapter chair, speaker/presenter, and committee member for the Active Assailant (active shooter) ASIS/SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention (WVPI) ANSI standard.

·         Risk, Threat, Vulnerability Assessment (RTVA) and physical security penetration testing program developer and practitioner (certified in C.A.R.V.E.R., RAMTAC, CPTED, and API methodologies).  

·         Law enforcement and private security firearms, tactics, intermediate weapons, and active shooter instructor.

·         U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response (LASER) Instructor/Train-the Trainer certification.

ASIS Active Shooter Seminar

Fellowship Bible Church

1210 Franklin Road

Brentwood, TN 37027

From Nashville: I-65 South to Concord Road, Exit 71. Turn right onto Concord Road. Turn left onto Franklin Road. Turn left at the second driveway into Fellowship Bible Church property and then take your second right toward the Barn building.

From Murfreesboro: I-24 West toward Nashville. Merge onto I-440 West via exit 53 toward Memphis. Merge onto I-65 South Exit 5 toward Huntsville. Take Exit 71, Concord Road. Turn right onto Concord Road. Turn left onto Franklin Road. Turn left at the second driveway into the Fellowship Bible Church property and then take your second right toward the Barn building.

Location: The Barn, located on the south end of the parking (looks like a long Quonset hut). We will meet in the east end of the building.

Parking: Park anywhere in the west lot of the Fellowship property

November/December Meeting at Bridgestone

Jeff Fladen, Executive Director of the Tennessee Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, spoke at the Chapter 052 meeting and provided the current state of services to combat mental illness in our state.  The current picture is bleak but his organization is working with government officials to be more proactive.  He provided success stories of individuals who were able to lead a successful life after counseling, medical intervention and other enhancements to their living conditions.  The statistics concerning the number of our fellow citizens with some form of mental illness is frightening but the good news is there are resources that can be brought to bear so they don’t go over the edge of reality.  Those of us in the Security profession understand we may have to address mental illness on any given day and the manner in which we resolve or diffuse a situation may mean the difference in someone being harmed or going home safely.  It was an important message provided during an appropriate time period.


Thanks to Glenn McLea and his staff at Bridgestone Americas for hosting the meeting and providing a guided tour of their very impressive new facility.  The building which houses 2000 employees is changing the Nashville skyline.  We look forward to returning in the future.

Chapter 052 2018 Election Results

The Mid-Tennessee Chapter of ASIS conducted elections in November and the new team is comprised of the following:


Executive Board

Chair- Doug Riggin

Vice Chair- Anthony Crawford

Treasurer- David Mass

Secretary- Greg Thompson (assisted by Jason Huskey)


Advisory Board (non-elected voting members)

David Blake

Glenn McLea


Appointed Committee Positions

Certification Chairperson- Byron Coleman

Chapter Newsletter Editor- Doug Riggin

Law Enforcement Liaison- David Blake

Mentorship Program Chairperson- Saraya Charlton

Military Liaison Chairperson- Glenn McLea

Placement Chairperson- David Blake

Program Chairperson- Doug Riggin

Sergeant-At-Arms- Glenn McLea

Webmaster- Jane Word

Women in Security Liaison- to be announced later

Young Professionals Liaison- Roger Crawford


As can be seen, there are some folks doing various tasks.  Volunteers, as well as new ideas and energy, are always needed.  Help us make our chapter better by participating.  It doesn’t take all your time and it is very rewarding.  I consider myself blessed to work with the aforementioned volunteers who truly desire to professionalize our industry and provide information which is beneficial to our membership.  My contact information follows in the event you would like to participate and make a difference.


Doug Riggin

2018 Chapter Chair


Award of Excellence 2017

Almost 50 people attended the Herman Statum Award of Excellence at Maggiano’s in the west end of Nashville on October 25th for the purpose of posthumously recognizing David S. Hawtin’s efforts in professionalizing the Security industry and streamlining the manner in which our chapter conducts business, promotes education and supports the Security profession in Middle Tennessee.  Dave’s wife, parents and daughter were in attendance and were very appreciative of the recognition of Dave’s efforts.  It was a moving event featuring stories about Dave and our deep respect for his dedication.  A US and State of Tennessee flag, flown over the state capitol, were presented at the meeting and dedicated in Dave’s honor.  They will remain with the chapter and fly at every chapter meeting.  The Herman Statum Award of Excellence plaque was presented to Dave’s father by Herman Statum for whom the award was named.  Also in attendance was Robyn Mace, presented with last year’s award.


Three David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarships were awarded to current students at Middle Tennessee universities.  Sierra Coffee, Heather Blanton and Femeika Elliott received $1500 scholarships for use in their pursuit of degrees encompassing the Security and Law Enforcement fields.  It was nice to meet these three very impressive individuals who want to give back to their communities.


Without the support of Allied Universal the event would have been difficult to conduct but their monetary sponsorship allowed our chapter to have a professional and very personal award ceremony.  Thank you to Allied Universal, Dave’s former employer, for their loyalty to Dave and support of our chapter.


See more here:


November 29, 2017 Meeting to be Hosted by Bridgestone Americas

Bridgestone Americas will host the ASIS Chapter 052 meeting on November 29th from 11:30 – 1:00 at 200 4th Ave South, Melrose Conference Room (#1530).  The speaker for the event is Jeff Fladen, Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness who will address the manner in which mental illness should be addressed in the workplace as well as some of the available resources. 


The cost for the luncheon is $15 plus a small Eventbrite charge and RSVPs should be directed to for $15.00. Please RSVP using the Eventbrite page.  Parking will be in the lower garage and a parking ticket will be obtained from the machine upon entering.  Report to the Security desk and the receptionist will direct you to the conference room.  A tour of the new HQ building will be offered after the general meeting.  This meeting will be the last of the year so hope to see everyone as we close-out a successful 2017.


ASIS Election 2018: Note Deadline


Dear members of ASIS Mid-Tennessee:


The election for the ASIS Chapter 052 Board will be conducted between now and November 5th.  Please take the time to vote for the slate of officers or enter a write-in candidate.  Direct your responses to  We value your input and volunteer efforts.  There is a position for you if you want to participate in deciding the future direction of ASIS in Middle Tennessee and you wish to assist your fellow Security practitioners.  Following are the Board positions on which you should vote and Committee Chairs/Coordinator positions for which you may volunteer:


Elected Board

Chair                                                Doug Riggin

Vice-Chair                                        Anthony Crawford

Treasurer                                         David Mass

Secretary                                         Greg Thompson


Committee Chairs / Coordinators


Sergeant-at Arms/                           Glenn McLea  (voting member of Board)

            Military Liaison

Chair – Charitable Activities            David Blake  (voting member of Board)

Certification Chairperson                 Byron Coleman

Young Professionals Liaison            vacant

Women in Security                           vacant

Mentorship Program                        Saraya Charlton

Legislative Chairperson                  Jon Knowles

Law Enforcement Liaison                David Blake

ASIS Foundation Liaison                 vacant

Chapter Newsletter Editor               Doug Riggin

Council Liaison                                vacant

Membership Chairperson                vacant

Placement Chairperson                   David Blake

Program Chairperson                      Doug Riggin

Webmaster                                      Jane Word


If you see a position you would like to assist with please let us know and we can create a co-chair or the member holding that position may want to switch.  A small number of members do the majority of the work so it would be nice to spread the responsibilities to make the volunteerism more manageable. 




Chapter Chair



November 2017 Meeting Announcement

Save the date! Location to be determined, featuring the Executive Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Tennessee.  Times are 11:30 – 1:00.  


September 20 Meeting at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

The September meeting found the chapter at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) where Special Agent Jason Wilkerson discussed the increasing and frightening problem of human trafficking which can be accomplished in many forms.  Often, illegal immigrants are brought into our country for the sole purposes of prostitution or manual labor.  Slavery still exists in the US in smuggled laborers who are too scared or untrusting to notify law enforcement, not to mention the language barrier.  Their families in their former country may be threatened or harmed if they don’t obey the commands of their sponsors/captors/owners.  Of course, not all human trafficking involves aliens.  Sex trafficking is alive and well throughout the US and there is an ongoing robust advertising campaign to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations involved in those criminal acts.  Juveniles are trafficked at very young ages and agencies such as TBI are aggressively working to make a difference in the lives of these victims.  If you missed this meeting you missed one of the best presentations discussing threats to our communities and a speaker who was well versed in all aspects of the investigative, as well as social, processes. 


Thanks to TBI for welcoming our group with open arms.  They are always gracious, helpful and supportive even though they have other important ongoing matters.  We hope all their personnel stay safe as they pursue their law enforcement mission.


Chairman's Message

September 22, 2017


Chapter 052 members:


The first order of business is to ask all our members to keep the hurricane survivors in our prayers as they enter the rebuilding phase after experiencing the unbelievable wind, rain and flooding which left so many people homeless.  All the first responders and military personnel are still working to ensure everyone’s safety, bringing food and opening roads so the recovery can begin.  As I saw all the electrical repair trucks traveling south from the mid-west and northern states it reminded me how we always come together in times of disaster.  I’m sure ASIS members who provide security services are dispatching personnel to south Texas and Florida, maybe even Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, and the Security industry, as always, will play a large role in re-establishing public order.


During the last quarter our chapter was fortunate to attend three very informative meetings and engage in liaison with fellow members.  In July, as we did last year, we visited the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Youth Camp to watch the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department exhibit different tools in their arsenal such as the aviation unit’s helicopters, the mounted patrol’s horses and the Special Weapons and Tactics Team’s armored vehicle.  The kids, all young boys in this class, had excited questions and were totally engaged with the officers.  It is a great charity where the youngsters spend a week learning good citizenship as well as respect for authority.  Our members had some good Mission Barbeque and toured the facility.  The group photo is on our website and I strongly encourage everyone to attend next year’s meeting and see what our charitable contributions accomplish.  Our chapter should be proud of our monetary gift to the FOP and how that money will be used to change lives.


In August, the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel was gracious enough to host our chapter as we learned about the mission and responsibilities of the National Counterterrorism Threat Center (NCTC).  Bonnie Sharp, the southeast representative for the NCTC, was fully supportive of public/private partnerships and explained how we in the Security profession can add to the informational platform.  The private sector is attacked and harmed by terrorists, hackers and saboteurs far more than government agencies so it is important there is communication with the law enforcement and intelligence sectors.


The September meeting found the chapter at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) where Special Agent Jason Wilkerson discussed the increasing and frightening problem of human trafficking which can be accomplished in many forms.  Often, illegal immigrants are brought into our country for the sole purposes of prostitution or manual labor.  Slavery still exists in the US in smuggled laborers who are too scared or untrusting to notify law enforcement, not to mention the language barrier.  Their families in their former country may be threatened or harmed if they don’t obey the commands of their sponsors/captors/owners.  Of course, not all human trafficking involves aliens.  Sex trafficking is alive and well throughout the US and there is an ongoing robust advertising campaign to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations involved in those criminal acts.  Juveniles are trafficked at very young ages and agencies such as TBI are aggressively working to make a difference in the lives of these victims.  If you missed this meeting you missed one of the best presentations discussing threats to our communities and a speaker who was well versed in all aspects of the investigative, as well as social, processes.


That same evening members of the ASIS Mid-Tennessee Chapter attended the Private Officer International (POI) Memorial Service at the Mt. Juliet Police Department.  Our chapter thanks POI International for spearheading the effort to honor fallen security officers who died in the line of duty during the past year.  Too often these officers are not even mentioned in the media and there is little or no understanding of their job functions.  The chapter Board voted to provide a $100 donation to POI to assist them in their efforts during Security Officer Appreciation Week, September 18th – 22nd, and we plan to continue that partnership in the future.

IMPORTANT:  ATF invited ASIS Chapter 052 to partner in sponsoring a blood drive in memory of Dave Hawtin.  I would love to see us surpass all records and show up to give blood for a very worthy cause.  The Red Cross needs blood due to all the weather related disasters.  This is our chance to make a difference.  On October 13th, between 10 am and 4 pm, go to Meeting Room A, 8109 Concord Road, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 which is the Brentwood Public Library.  Reserve an appointment time at and enter code ATFblooddrive.  If you forget or find you have some available time I am sure they will take your blood if you just show up.  Questions may be directed to Michael Knight at 615.335.7120 or  See you there!!!


October 25th is the date for the presentation of the Herman Statum Award of Excellence which will be presented to the family of David S. Hawtin, the former chapter secretary, who died this year after a battle with cancer.  It is an honor to present this award to an individual who represented the true spirit of ASIS.  The 2017/2018 scholarships named in honor of Dave will be awarded to outstanding applicants at the meeting.  There is no cost for the luncheon and it is anticipated the attendance will be high so it is important to RSVP at Eventbrite,, early.  The event is at Maggiano’s Little Italy, Corleone Room, 3106 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee from 11 am – 1pm.  Allied Universal is sponsoring the luncheon which is considered the most important meeting of the year.


The chapter will merge the November and December meetings as that time of the year is so hectic for everyone.  Put a placeholder on your calendar for November 29th.


Have you noticed the new and improved manner for RSVPing and paying for the chapter meetings?  Thanks to Anthony Crawford, our Vice Chair, we implemented the Eventbrite platform which is far more user friendly and simple.  We’d love to have any feedback as we plan to use the same tool for the 2018 Chapter 052 ASIS Golf Tournament on which, by the way, we are already working.

Remember, elections for Board positions will occur in October with a deadline of the 1st so if you’d like to place your name on the ballot for a Board position or serve as a coordinator, please let us know as soon as possible. Any questions may be directed to any of the Board members or me.  Thanks to all those making this chapter a success!


Stay safe.


Doug Riggin

Chapter Chair



Herman Statum Award of Excellence Luncheon set for Oct. 25, 2017

All members,


Allied Universal is pleased to sponsor this year’s Herman Statum Award of Excellence luncheon at Maggiano’s, 3106 West End Avenue, Nashville, on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from 11 am – 1 pm.  There is no fee to attend the event and parking is free.  RSVP at the chapter’s Eventbrite page,


This year’s Award recipient is David S. Hawtin. As many of you know, Dave lost his battle with cancer in June and left behind a legacy as a dedicated member of our ASIS Chapter, law enforcement and security professional, and brother and friend to many – please make time in your schedule to honor Dave by attending this Awards luncheon.


The 2017 recipient(s) of the David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarship Fund will also be announced during the luncheon. 



Thank you. We look forward to seeing you at the luncheon.  

August 23rd Chapter 052 Meeting

The chapter met at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel to listen to Bonnie Sharpe from the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) who explained the agency’s mission and the team concept surrounding the prevention of international terrorism.  The NCTC is under the umbrella of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence which is the lead regarding the nation’s intelligence program.  She explained her role as the southeast representative for the NCTC and the necessity to work closely with the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies.  The problem of self-radicalization was discussed and the role of recruitment and direction via the internet was enumerated as a leading concern of the US government.  We thank Bonnie for driving from Atlanta to spend time in briefing our members, but as she explained most threats are directed at and significantly impact the private sector so a strong public/private partnership is a must. 


Members enjoyed discussing matters of mutual interest during lunch and meeting new attendees.  Some of the members stepped up and agreed to host a luncheon or provide a venue for future meetings.  The monetary goal for the 2018 golf tournament was announced and the request to obtain strong sponsorship so our chapter can provide a charitable gift to the Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp and the David S. Hawtin Memorial Fund.


Also announced was the Board’s vote to posthumously award David S. Hawtin the 2017 Award of Excellence for his untiring efforts in improving Chapter 052.  Allied Universal, for whom Dave worked, is sponsoring the event in October which will be free to members and guests.  The announcement with additional details will be forthcoming.

The Mid-Tennessee Chapter of ASIS - Chapter 052, established the David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor a man who spent his life working in the law enforcement and security fields as a true professional, caring mentor, and concerned practitioner. Dave grew up on the west coast and was an avid surfer, but after settling down and while raising a family decided that law enforcement was his life’s vocation.  He was a police officer in Oxnard, California and had many stories of gangs, drugs and violent crimes. He migrated to Tennessee where he became a Brentwood Police Officer, serving for some time as a traffic enforcement officer. Dave transferred to the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security and worked in the Fusion Center in a number of capacities. After public service he served in the private sector as a first responder trainer, a job that he loved.  Dave ended his security career as the portfolio manager for a global company, working for a national security services provider.


In his ‘spare time’ Dave volunteered with the Mid-Tennessee Chapter of ASIS as chapter secretary, managing to streamline and modernize the chapter’s communication system and later became the Assistant Regional Vice President for ASIS.  Dave was extremely intelligent, well-versed in security matters, an expert on the Sovereign Citizen movement, and an individual who was always ready with a helping hand. He believed in continuing education and promoted the ASIS scholarship program at every turn.  He had a master’s degree, and was Board Certified through ASIS as a Certified Protection Professional. He presented and lectured at the ASIS National Convention, for law enforcement agencies, and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.


Dave died on June 3, 2017, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Dave lived his final days in the same manner he addressed all of his responsibilities; planning every detail to the letter to ensure that no one had to do his job. Dave was a friend to all Chapter 052 members, and with deep respect, admiration, and love, the Board unanimously agreed to dedicate the Mid- Tennessee Scholarship Fund in honor of our colleague for his deep commitment to the security profession and law enforcement community.


In years to come, Mid-Tennessee Chapter 052 hopes to better the lives of many students as they obtain their education in fields which will change society for the better, and in doing so, act as an example of the man who exemplified professionalism and left our lives far too soon.

Chapter #052 Meeting Set for August 23




Date & Time: Wednesday August 23rd 201711: 30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT)


Location: Millennium - Maxwell House Hotel

     2025 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard

     Nashville, TN, 37228-1505

     (615) 259-4343


Presenter: Bonnie Sharp, National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)


Topic: Bonnie will discuss the role of the NCTC, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, public/private partnerships and the threat landscape.

The Andrew Jackson Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp Revisited


On July 19th members of Chapter 052 attended the last day of the season for the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Youth Camp and observed many members of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department displaying their equipment, discussing their roles in the community and being good role models for the campers. The boys and girls selected to attend the camp don’t have the advantages most of us enjoy, but during the week they attend the camp they cannot be happier. They do not pay a dime for food, lodging or clothes. They learn what police officers do and respect for law and order. In many cases close family members have been arrested and prosecuted so the kids may already have a negative connotation when interacting with law enforcement.  


Watching the campers was a joy. They were fully engaged, laughing and ready for the next adventure. It is rewarding to see that $10,000 raised at our last chapter golf tournament went to such a great charity which will have a lasting impact on the lives of so many youngsters for years to come.  We recognize and respect the police officers, active and retired, who give so much of their time to make the camp such a success.The Middle Tennessee ASIS Chapter fully intends to continue financial support for the FOP camp and we will host the next golf tournament on May 18, 2018 in an attempt to raise even more money for the camp, as well as the David S. Hawtin Scholarship Memorial Fund.


Please try to join us when we visit the camp next year and at the tournament.  Our goal as a chapter is to not only improve and professionalize the Security industry, but make our community a safer and better place to live for all our citizens. Any questions concerning charitable events or the chapter in general, contact a Board member listed on the Chapter 052 website.

Private Officer Memorial Service set for Sept. 20, 2017

The leadership of Chapter #052 shares this news:


This year we will be having our Private Officer Memorial Service Wednesday

Sept. 20th 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Mt. Juliet Police Dept. 1019 Charlie Daniels

Pkwy, Mt Juliet, TN 37122


Our Private Officer Memorial Service is dedicated to all private security and

police officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. We would like to thank

Chief James Hambrick and the Mt. Juliet Police Dept. for hosting our event this

year. We would also like to thank ASIS Middle TN Chapter 52 for co-sponsoring

our event.


Please R.S.V.P.

Michael L. Thornhill

POI Chapter President & Board Member


Chapter #052 Meeting July 19, 2017







Date & Time:Thursday, July 19th, 2017 at 11:30 a.m.

 Location:   Andrew Jackson FOP Youth Camp

                   904 Glen Ct.

                   Mt. Juliet, TN 37122



Information: We will be out in the elements touring the camp so casual clothing is highly recommended.  Lunch will be provided free of charge.



Chapter #052 Meeting June 29, 2017







Date & Time: Thursday, June 29th, 2017, 11: 30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT)

Location: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

5300 Maryland Way

Suite 200

Brentwood, TN, 37027

(615) 565-1400


Presenter: ASAC Jack Webb

Topic: “Mission and Responsibilities of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms

and Explosives”



2017 Lunch Fee is $15.00 cash/check.

David S. Hawtin Memorial Scholarships Announcement

Our Middle Tennessee ASIS chapter will provide two $1500 scholarships, named in honor of our friend and colleague, Dave Hawtin, based on the following requirements. We are keeping the requirements simple, but candidates must answer all the questions and provide an email address to receive a reply. Responses should be directed to Jason Huskey, our chapter secretary, at The deadline for submission is August 1st for one scholarship for fall 2017 and one for spring semester 2018. The scholarship application process will be posted at


Information: Candidates must be enrolled in a Security or Law Enforcement Program at an accredited college/university and be an undergraduate or graduate student. He/she must be enrolled at an institution within Tennessee with preference given to the Middle Tennessee area in which our ASIS Chapter operates or any location to include southern Kentucky or northern Alabama should Chapter 052 draw members from those areas. The scholarship committee will consist of the chapter Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and one educator that does not have a student candidate. A plurality vote after a review of the applications and appropriate discussion determines the awardee. At least three voting members must be present. The meeting may be in person or telephonic.


Questions applicants must address in their response to the chapter:


Have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor?


Do you intend to enter the Security or Law Enforcement profession during or after your college education?


Why do you want to serve in the Security or Law Enforcement field?


Do you agree to provide a short presentation to the Middle Tennessee ASIS chapter concerning your educational experience and any positive impact as a result of winning the Middle Tennessee chapter scholarship?


 Any clarification may be directed to Doug Riggin, Chapter Chair, 615.957.3290.

In Memoriam David Hawtin

It is with deep regret and sadness the Chapter 052 Board notifies you of the death of Assistant Regional Vice President David S. Hawtin after a brave battle with cancer. He served in law enforcement, with the Tennessee Fusion Center and in the Security profession, most recently with Allied Universal. He was an expert on the Sovereign Citizen movement and lectured on the subject. He was a devoted husband to his wife, Kim, and we ask you to keep her in your thoughts. He will be missed as a great colleague, active ASIS member and a true professional. The Middle Tennessee Chapter recently named our scholarship fund in his honor.


Arrangements are as follows:

Thursday, June 8th, 11 to 1 - visitation at Williamson Memorial with internment to follow. 


Report from 17th Annual Golf Tournament May 19th, 2017


Gaylord Springs Golf Links


It was a hot, dry, windy day but the rain held off after the threat of thunder storms for the approximately 83 golfers who participated.  The event began with a prayer by Pastor Phil Wilson and the Pledge of Allegiance led by Chapter 052’s Sergeant-At-Arms, Glenn McLea.  The Gaylord Springs golf pro, Bo Casey, provided the rules of the day and the teams were off.  By all accounts the golfers enjoyed the day and finished off the event with a lunch by Mission BBQ who also provided a gift basket and sandwich coupons.  The high point of the day was the presentation of a $10,000 check to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and Chief of Police Steve Anderson for the operation of the Nashville FOP Andrew Jackson Youth Camp.  Considering our chapter donated $2000 last year; that was a huge increase in the donated funds.  Our goal is to continue increasing the charitable amounts in upcoming years.  Both the chief and FOP representatives from the camp expressed their appreciation for the efforts by the Middle Tennessee Chapter of ASIS.


The three top teams were:

1. Guardian Systems > Josh McCollum, Jamie Wolfe, Geoff Batcheler, Chris Matteson

2. Securitas > Kenneth Cupp, Cheyenne Diprinzo, Glen Achorn

3. US Smokeless Tobacco > Thomas Petty, Mac Holt, Keith Blackmore, Joe Wash

The link for the tournament photos may be located at 2017 ASIS 052 Chapter Golf Tournament Pictures.

This event would not have been successful without the committee’s dedicated efforts.  The committee consisted of Glenn McLea (Bridgestone), Kenneth Cupp (Securitas), David Blake (Allied Universal), David Mass (Millennium Maxwell House), Jason Huskey (G4S), Anthony Crawford (ADS Security) and Doug Riggin (Altria).  Approximately ten volunteers helped on game day and, due to their involvement, a lot of money was obtained through the purchase of mulligans and the long-ball contest.  Strangely enough, Pastor Wilson won the chance to win a million dollars with one shot on the 18th, but ….. it was not to be.  His prayer for the weather did work, however:).


The most important component of the fund raising event was the sponsors who were very generous resulting in the aforementioned donation to the FOP Youth Camp.  Those funds will also be used to support the David S. Hawtin Scholarship Fund and more information concerning the upcoming scholarships will be forthcoming.

Our tournament next year will be May 18th, 2018 so place it on your calendars now. We intend to reserve the entire course and make the event even better.


Thanks again to our sponsors and volunteers and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Police Memorial Week 2017

This week is National Police Memorial Week and I know many of our members are still engaged in the criminal justice / law enforcement community even though they may be retired. In the past year, as previously noted on this website, many families received the earth-shattering news their spouse, brother, sister, son or daughter would not be coming home at the end of their shift or would be disabled for the remainder of their life. The emotional trauma experienced by officers, families, colleagues and even communities is immeasurable after a critical incident involving law enforcement. Last year there were 135 officer fatalities which is a ten percent increase over the 123 who died in the line of duty in 2015 and the highest total since 2011 when 177 officers made the ultimate sacrifice. Firearms related incidents were the number one cause of death in 2016 with 64 officers shot and killed across the country. This represents a 56 percent increase over the 41 officers killed by gunfire in 2015. Targeted assassinations accounted for 21 officers killed in the line of duty, a 163 percent increase over 2015.


As Security professionals, let’s support our brothers and sisters in blue and assist them as they strive to make our communities, businesses, homes and highways safe. The Middle Tennessee area is not immune from the loss of law enforcement personnel as evidenced by the tragic death of Officer Eric Mumaw with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department on February 2, 2017. His death, as well as the deaths of all police officers, is a direct assault on the fabric of this country and we must support the thin blue line.


Please take a moment this week to remember those who bravely sacrificed everything for the rest of us and the law enforcement personnel / first responders who respond to dangerous incidents every day so we can go about our daily lives without living in constant fear.



Doug Riggin

Chapter Chair


Note: Statistics directly copied from the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association


Chapter #052 April Meeting at HCA

Chapter 052 held a joint meeting with IAHSS which was hosted by HCA at their facility across from Centennial Park. It was nice to see our colleagues from the newly invigorated IAHSS and discuss matters of mutual interest. New ASIS attendees were at the meeting and it was good to put a face with a name. I think we literally have every business, corporation, venue covered in Nashville.


Tim Portale, Chief Safety and Security Officer for HCA, provided a look into how HCA manages the challenges of security in their healthcare facilities. The process varies in the various national and international regions which complicates their ability to standardize customer service and operational guidelines. HCA works closely with law enforcement, especially at their locations with heightened threats of violence. It is a difficult task for the four employees who staff Corporate Security worldwide and the diverse problems call for a myriad of solutions. Attendees left the meeting with an enhanced degree of respect for those who have administrative and operational responsibility for Security in the healthcare industry.


A special thanks to Kat Kemper who arranged the meeting and is also the Professional Women in Security chairperson for our chapter. The chapter is always actively seeking meeting sponsors so we can provide different learning experiences for our members. Contact Doug Riggin,, if you and your company would like to host.


17th Annual Golf Scramble Set for May 19


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  BRONZE - $1,000

  SILVER - $1,500

  GOLD - $2,500

  PLATINUM - $5,000



Come join in the fun at the 17th Annual ASIS Middle TN Golf Scramble.


Your fee will include the following benefits and opportunities: green & cart

fees, range balls prior to event, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, gift pack, hole

contests with prizes and lunch following awards ceremony.


Date: May 19, 2017

Location: Gaylord Springs Golf Links, 18 Springhouse Lane, Nashville TN 37214

Registration: 7:00 am

Shotgun start: 8:00 am

Format: Four Person Scramble

Cost: $175/person ($700/team)


All registrations must be confirmed via email by Kenneth Cupp or Glenn McLea. Please send registration form to or



Bronze - $1,000 Includes a tee box hole sponsorship & foursome

Silver - $1,500 Includes a tee box hole sponsorship, foursome & closest to the pin


Gold - $2,500 Includes a tee box hole sponsorship, 2 foursomes,

closest to the pin sponsorship & breakfast sponsorship

Platinum - $5,000 Includes a tee box sponsorshipon $1,000,000 hole-in-one

hole, 2 foursomes & lunch sponsorship


**Many other sponsorship's available (i.e. driving range, golf cart, longest drive and more) please feel free to contact Kenneth Cupp with any and all inquiries regarding sponsorship opportunities. | 615-574-1213


Chapter #052 March Meeting Set





Date & Time:  Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017, 11: 30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT)


Location: Tennessee Titans Practice Facility

                   460 Great Circle Road

                   Nashville, TN, 37228-1505

                   (615) 565-4000


Presenter:  Mr. Jim Arts, Director of Security


Topic:  NFL Tennessee Titans™ Security Operations and Facility Tour

Note: Members may enter the front doors and go to the cafeteria to assemble for the meeting and tour.


2017 Lunch Fee is $15.00 cash/check.


 Directions to training camp parking:

 - From Interstate 65 in downtown Nashville, take Exit 85 (Rosa Parks Boulevard) North. 

 - Proceed on Rosa Parks Boulevard and turn right on Athens Way.

 - Turn left on Great Circle Road.


February 22nd meeting at Kirklands

The Middle Tennessee Chapter met at Kirklands in Brentwood, Tennessee and listened to a presentation by Rob Michaels, CEO and Founder of Trauma Services which specializes in assisting law enforcement officers and firefighters in handling the impact of post-traumatic stress situations. He operates a 24 hour call center for first responders and literally saves lives, careers and relationships. Rob has a wide variety of professional experiences in his resume including Military Policeman, Norfolk, Virginia Police Officer/Detective, the music industry, professor and ordained pastor. He is the Chaplain for the Memphis Division of the FBI and the Williamson County Fraternal Order of Police. For anyone desiring his services, his information is on the left.

Many thanks to Byron Coleman and Saraya Charlton from Kirklands for being an example of corporate sponsorship AND spending the time to host a successful meeting, not to mention the excellent catered lunch (including strawberry shortcake!).

Chapter #052 Event Planned for Feb. 22





 Date & Time: Wednesday February 22, 2017, 11: 30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT)


 Location:  Kirklands

                 5310 Maryland Way

                 Brentwood, TN 37027


Presenter:  Rob Michaels


Topic: “Causative factors of work-related stress in the security industry and the avenues available to address traumatic stress”


Biography: Rob Michaels is CEO and Founder of Serve & Protect, a trauma service company specializing in criminal justice and emergency services. He is the current chaplain for the Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police and FBI Memphis Division. Rob served as a military police officer, Norfolk, Virginia police officer, radio announcer, preacher and as an award winner in the entertainment industry. He is a member of numerous professional organizations specializing in traumatic stress.


The 2017 Chapter Meeting lunch fee is $15.00 and may be paid at the meeting by cash or check.

January 2017 meeting

Patrick Prince, corporate training and management consultant in the Los Angeles area, specializing in workplace violence prevention, conflict resolution, recognition and management of workplace substance abuse, trauma response and other related occupational health and safety issues, was the featured speaker for the Middle Tennessee Chapter meeting at Bridgestone Americas Headquarters. Due to Pat’s experience and expertise the attendees received important and timely information regarding the prevention of workplace violence, significant indicators and the role domestic violence and substance abuse plays. He spoke about friends, co-workers or relatives who were told about a pending workplace violence incident and did not report their knowledge to authorities until it was too late. 


The meeting saw new members introduce themselves and it was noted many of the committee chair positions are now filled with volunteers. The co-chairs of the 2017 ASIS Golf Tournament discussed the May 19 event and the necessity for sponsors and teams so the chapter can provide more funding for Middle Tennessee charities such as the Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp in Nashville. 



A big THANK YOU to Bridgestone for stepping up and offering a meeting venue! 

Death of Metro Nashville Police Officer

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of ASIS grieves with the family and colleagues of Metropolitan Nashville Police Officer Eric Mumaw who died Feb. 2 as a result of attempting to rescue a suicidal person in the Cumberland River. Officer Mumaw was 44 years of age with 18 years of experience. His loss impacts not only the people close to him but the citizens of Nashville he protected for so many years. Chapter 052 asks our members to keep Officer Mumaw's family in their thoughts and prayers as they come to grips with this tragic event. The chapter will make a donation of $500 in honor of Officer Mumaw.

Chapter Event Planned for Feb. 22 at Kirkland's in Brentwood



Date & Time:  Wednesday February 22nd 2017, 11: 30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT)


Location:    Kirklands

                 5310 Maryland Way

                 Brentwood, TN 37027


Presenter:  Rob Michaels, CEO, Serve & Protect


Topic: “Causative factors of work-related stress in the security industry and the avenues available to address traumatic stress”



Biography: Rob Michaels is CEO and Founder of Serve & Protect, a trauma service company specializing in criminal justice and emergency services.  He is the current chaplain for the Tennessee Fraternal Order of Police and FBI Memphis Division.  Rob served as a military police officer, Norfolk, Virginia police officer, radio announcer, preacher and as an award winner in the entertainment industry.  He is a member of numerous professional organizations specializing in traumatic stress.


The 2017 Chapter Meeting lunch fee is $15.00 and may be paid at the meeting by cash or check.


Chairman's Year-End Message on Membership Page

Chapter Event Planned for Jan. 18



RSVP to:


Date & Time:  Wednesday January 18th, 2017, 11: 30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT)


Location:  Bridgestone Corporate Headquarters

 536 Marriott Drive

 Nashville, TN 37214


 Presenter:  Patrick Prince



 Topic:  “The Future of Workplace Violence Prevention: A Collaboration of Security, Safety, and Human Resources”


Biography: Mr. Prince is a corporate training and management consultant specializing in workplace violence prevention, conflict resolution, recognition and management of workplace substance abuse, trauma response and other related occupational health and safety issues.  He has responded to many multiple homicide scenes and has a tremendous understanding of the signs indicating an individual may harm fellow employees at the workplace.  Mr. Prince is Association First Vice-President on the board of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and has been active in the implementation and advancement of threat assessments for many years.



The 2017 Chapter Meeting lunch fee is $15.00 and may be paid at the meeting by cash or check.


Chapter 052 Meeting with REI December 7


Middle Tennessee members met at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel and listened to a presentation by Research Electronics International, LLC (REI) from Algood, Tennessee. Lee Jones and Michelle Gaw explained what their company builds to protect valued intelligence for corporate, law enforcement, government and private security clients. In today’s world companies must make sure they are not being targeted by competitors and lose their advantage in the marketplace. Corporate espionage is common but just not reported to law enforcement due to the potential loss in stock prices and reputation. REI’s electronic detection equipment combats that nefarious activity and gives companies peace of mind when communicating among themselves and business partners.


An extremely interesting piece of information is REI has an approved list of companies who conduct electronic sweeps so you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to buy their equipment if a sweep is not required on a regular basis. They are probably the largest training center for procedural concepts of conducting counter surveillance investigations as well as advance use of surveillance detection equipment. Chapter 052 appreciates the efforts of REI, and it is comforting to know an internationally recognized company supporting the Security industry has been in business for 30 years and will continue to employ our citizens in an important endeavor right here in Middle Tennessee.


See Chapter Election Results under Leadership Tab

Chapter 052 event set for Wednesday, December 7



Date & Time:  Wednesday December 7th 2016, 11: 30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT)


Location: Millennium - Maxwell House Hotel

2025 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard

Nashville, TN, 37228-1505

(615) 259-4343


Presenter:  Research Electronics International (REI)


Topic:  Research Electronics International (REI)


Biography: The presentation will be by Research Electronics International (REI) which has been designing and manufacturing technical security equipment to protect against illicit information theft and corporate espionage for more than 30 years. REI is recognized as an industry leader by corporations, law enforcement agencies, and government agencies for technical security equipment. REI’s corporate offices, R&D, manufacturing facilities, and training center are located in Tennessee USA, with an extensive global network of resellers and distribution partners.


The 2016 Chapter Meeting lunch fee is $15.00 and may be paid at the meeting by cash, check or online at for $17.00 ($2.00 processing fee).  RSVP to:

See Chair Doug Riggin's new letter under Membership!

Chapter 052 Election Nomination Deadline is Nov.15, 2016


Please submit Chapter 052 officer nominations to by November 15th for:



Vice Chairperson




Please submit your request to volunteer for the following liaison/coordinator

positions by November 15th:


ASIS Foundation Liaison

Certification Chairperson

Chapter Newsletter Editor

Council Liaison

Law Enforcement Liaison

Legislative Chairperson

Membership Committee Chairperson

Mentorship Program Chairperson

Military Liaison Chair

Placement Chairperson

Program Chairperson

Sergeant at Arms


Women in Security Liaison

Young Professionals Liaison



Jason Huskey

Chapter #052 Secretary











Date & Time: Wednesday October 26th 2016, 11: 30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT)



Millennium - Maxwell House Hotel

2025 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard

Nashville, TN, 37228-1505


(615) 259-4343

Presenter: Chair, Doug Riggin


Topic: Herman Statum Service Excellence Award Presentation – Recipient, Dr. Robyn Mace, PhD., CPP


Event: Awards luncheon to recognize Dr. Robyn Mace, PhD., CPP for her exceptional career, ASIS International volunteerism and contributions to the private security and law enforcement professions.

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